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Prince Harry – younger son of Charles and the late Diana, Princess of Wales, second lieutenant in the Blues and Royals of the Household Cavalry Regiment, tank commander and Counselor of State.

Date of Birth: 15 September 1984

Numerology: 37/10 – Life Path 1

Life Path 1: It has always been associated with masculine (yang) energies, and is the potent force of the elemental Fire. A person choosing this life path has come into this lifetime to learn individuality, self-reliance and proper expression of will. They can be fiercely independent and should be left alone to finish tasks.

Although popular with colleagues, they are not team players and find it difficult to take orders. Ones frequently find themselves in positions of responsibility and influence. Ambition is a primal force in the One… this will often lead them to start a new project before completing another.

The teenage and early adult years can be an intense struggle for independence and a self-identity.

Prince Harry has Harmonious characteristics

Strong willed and ambitious with consideration for others, courageous, organizer-leader-pioneer, individual, original thinker… they express themselves confidently. However, because he has two number 1s in his chart he needs to take care not to go over into the Assertive characteristics of his Life Path number:

Assertive characteristics

Willful, domineering, selfish, arrogant; puts own needs before others regardless of consequences; boastful, impulsive, hyperactive.

He also has the Line of Determination in his chart:

Resilient and focused on the task at hand, they are persistent people who bounce back from setbacks and shrug off problems while in pursuit of their goals.

Life path 37/10: A person with this life path number combination, the 3 and 7 making up the 10, will be sensitive, have a private disposition with a delicate energy field, and must overcome deeply rooted insecurity.

A sense of trust is important for everyone but becomes the touchstone of life for the 37/10. Due to lack of self-trust, most seek knowledge outside of themselves rather than trusting their intuitive depths.

Most 37/10s would rather listen than talk because they’re afraid they might say the wrong thing. They prefer privacy to company, yet they feel the need to bond with somebody. Because of insecurity, however, 37/10s often expect a great deal of love without giving much back, and they may tend to rely on other people for strength. They may depend on a mate to feel complete or a job to fulfill them, relying on outside influences. They have mixed feelings about relationships with others; this ambivalence reflects their uncertain relationship with themselves.

Most 37/10s start out as naively trusting and then withdraw from others out of insecurity and fear of being embarrassed. Not revealing their feelings, they find or perceive that people misunderstand them or even mistrust them. Working in the negative, they may have distributing dreams which reveal the shadow side of their fear, and feel repressed bitterness about relationships. They may suffer physical maladies if they struggle with blocked creative energies.

This is a sensitive, highly artistic pattern. Nearly all 37/10s find emotional healing through music. They show a great ability to express themselves through art, acting, poetry, dancing, photography, design, and many forms of creative expression. All 10s, whether a 19/10, 28/10 or 37/10, have the special inner gift of extra powers of intuition, enhanced sensitivity and expressiveness, and also double strength.

37/10s tend to trust their mind over their heart, because the heart and feelings are associated with pain and mistrust due to perceived betrayals. Potentially, these individuals have a deep connection to the love and wisdom of the heart, but they need to trust their feelings, even if these feelings sometimes involve pain.

The degree to which the 37/10 subconsciously expects betrayal, they encounter betrayal in others and in the world. When they learn to appreciate their role in creating these dramas, they can understand the role played by others in their long-range evolution. Then they no longer encounter betrayal in the external world because they have learned to trust the larger process of their life.



Taking on Mercury’s analytical quality, Virgo’s minds are always busy; dissecting information, scrutinising it methodically to make sense and order of it.

Virgo sets high standards and, not always trusting others to apply the same criteria, often prefers to work alone in order to get a thing done ‘right’.

Virgo’s sign is associated with work and health; many of the worries that tend to preoccupy them can result in upset stomachs and associated disorders. If they aren’t worrying about something external, they’ll be focussing on matters inside themselves.

The one thing a Virgo should avoid at all costs is a medical dictionary! The other quality associated with Virgo is a youthful appearance and, provided they don’t worry themselves into premature ageing, their looks are often the envy of peers.

In Love

Virgo is known as the shy one – hiding away in the corner at parties, or deep in conversation about their work. This sign can be incredibly serious, a real worrier and very particular over just about everything.

In their relationships, Virgos can be a little restrained and are certainly fastidious about who they choose for a partner. They are generally less forthcoming in demonstrating their feelings than other signs and need plenty of reassurance before they even think about long-term commitment.

Being ruled by Mercury means that they can be good friends with a lover too. Once in a well-established relationship, Virgos prove sincere and dependable. They show a great deal of concern for their partner’s happiness in caring and practical ways.

Virgo lives to serve! Yes, here are a group of individuals born to be of service to others. Not only that, they are meticulous. Virgos are wonderfully efficient and capable of producing order out of the most spectacular chaos. Like Gemini, Virgo is suited to a career in communications or the media. That analytical mind excels in investigative journalism, as a critic, or any area where Mercury’s gift of words and a talent for writing can be utilized.

When they fall in love, they’ll put you on a pedestal; but they can also be terribly critical! Beneath a cool demeanor is a passionate heart, and it only needs the right person to light the Virgo fire and create a true blending of the minds.

They never like to be embarrassed in public – it can be bad enough in private! You would also need to tread extra carefully when it comes to criticism – Virgo is the master of this, but they can be extremely insecure below the surface. Because Mercury, the planet of communication, rules Virgo, this sign is always searching for a real meeting of minds.

Virgo men are secretly afraid of deep, meaningful relationships – basically, because they’re worried that they might not last. They yearn for constant mental challenges and stimulation; yet inwardly they realise that their own critical and analytical characteristics can drive lovers away! Do your best to understand a Virgo’s strengths and weaknesses but never try to change them overnight.

So Harry has a double dose of being analytical and not showing his feelings, as this trait is common to his numerology and astrology.

Girls generally like guys to show their feelings, so are all his relationships doomed to failure?

Let’s look at his expression, personality and soul numbers, to see if there is any information there a would-be suitor could use to understand him better:

The following numbers are based on a person’s name at birth. It was quite tricky to work out what name to use, as there are various titles and names used for a royal. I decided to go with Prince Henry of Wales as his official title.

From his royal name at birth we get:

Expression number: 9

Personality number: 1

Soul number: 8

The Expression Number shows you how best to act to come into line with your life path.

9 – Nines are idealists and can be blinded to the realities of life. He needs to be aware of false ego and delusion; tolerance and trying to help others is indicated by this number, and compassion is the cornerstone of the 9; a 9’s destiny often lies within the sphere of humanitarian causes. He needs to be a seeker of deeper truths but not let others take advantage of his selflessness.

His Personality Number is how others see him:

1 – A 1’s greatest fear is to be ignored. However, when acting in the positive, a person with this number can appear forthright and direct; confident and self-reliant, apparently not needing the support of others. They will often emerge as the natural leader in a group.

[Additionally, he has the line of determination which will add to his forthrightness.]

Acting in the negative: they can appear selfish; they can be intolerant of weakness in others and trample on people to ‘get their way’; they have difficulty taking orders.

[I wonder how he got on in army!]

His Soul Number shows how he really feels inside/his innermost drivers:

8 – A soul urge 8 values anything that brings beauty, meaning and profit to the world. They crave success and are driven to take control in a wide variety of situations. They can feel frustrated and suffer stress if their goals are not realized. Their challenge is to relax and moderate their aims in these circumstances.

Prince Harry has some conflicting properties to his numbers. For example, a Virgo is shy but he is also a life path 1, which tends to show dominant and leader type characteristics. Also his personality number 1 may make him appear confident and self-reliant, possibly a natural leader.

Because a life path 1 is here to learn about gaining confidence, they often start off at the opposite end of the spectrum, i.e. unsure of themselves. And you can see that in him. He is quite shy looking but then he is also boisterous and lively.

Also his personality number 1 conflicts with his expression number 9. He needs to act with tolerance and compassion but when he is stressed and acting in the negative, he may appear selfish and intolerant.

And the soul number 8 which is generally about material wealth and power, conflicts with the expression number 9, which is about being selfless and predominantly helping others.

On top of that, he has various different names he goes by, being a royal, and these will all affect him and his personality traits, and how others see him. So more than most people, the Royals will appear to be different at varying times, depending what role they are playing at that moment and so which name applies.

So if there are some contrary characteristics in his personality, don’t be surprised. Hopefully he is not a ‘mass of contradictions’, but is more a ‘complex’ individual – as we all generally are – with an ‘interesting’ mix of personality traits.

Ideally, Prince Harry would look at this information himself to understand himself better… but do you know anyone who knows him?

We all have various forces pulling us in differing directions which all go to make up our personalities. This is why it is so important to understand yourself. It really helps to know why you are like you are. It’s rare for a person to have completely harmonious, compatible numbers, with no conflicting ones. So it makes people contradictory, not crazy! It’s normal to feel awkward and confused, until you come to accept and love yourself just the way you are!

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