Patented Joint and Skin Health In a Juice? Review of Jusuru

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An In-Depth No-Hype Look at Jusuru

Hello and Welcome to my Jusuru Review. My name is Claus Nicolae Nielsen (CNN, yours sincerely ) and my intention here is to provide you with the real facts about Jusuru, so you can make an informed, educated decision about whether or not this product / business plan is right for you.

So Is Jusuru Such a Special Juice?

The key ingredient in Jusuru Life Blend juice is BioCell Collagen II®, a multi-patented joint and skin health nutraceutical (a patent is actually very hard to get with a supplement) containing a naturally occurring matrix of hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulfate and hydrolyzed collagen type II. This main ingredient in the Jusuru juice has been the subject of several clinical studies in which safety and efficacy have been demonstrated. The uniqueness of Jusuru really coming down to the fact that these three major constituents in its key ingredient are reduced to highly bioavailable, very low molecular weight forms due to its patented hydrolysis process Bio-Optimized™ which ensures rapid absorption. Jusuru Life Blend juice also contains famed Resveratrol, a powerful anti-aging ingredient found naturally in red wine grapes. Furthermore, Jusuru contains Japanese knotweed, another source of resveratrol, that at the same time acts as a mild laxative, Mangosteen, which contains phytochemicals and antioxidant nutrients; Pomegranate, which contains an extensive amount of various nutrients, vitamins and more phytochemicals, acai, another source of resveratrol and powerful antioxidants, and Grapes, Blueberries and Strawberries, which all contain high levels of antioxidants as well, with a total of 12 highly nutritious superfruits all in all in the Jusuru Life Blend.

Jusuru Founders

Jusuru was founded by Asma Ishaq, who is also the Executive Vice President of BioCell Technology LLC. A graduate of Rice University and the University of California at Berkeley with additional graduate studies at Princeton. Ms. Ishaq is a strong supporter of giving back and has instilled a charity donation percentage into every sale of Jusuru Life Blend. Founded in 1997, BioCell Technology, LLC is the exclusive supplier of BioCell Collagen II in the Jusuru juice. BioCell Technology LLC received the prestigious Frost & Sullivan’s 2010 North American Customer Value Enhancement of the Year Award in Bone and Joint Health Ingredients for this key ingredient in Jusuru Life Blend. Frost & Sullivan is a global market consulting and research firm with 50 years of experience in partnering with Global 1000 companies. Frost & Sullivan’s Best Practices research praised BioCell Technology and its executives for their world-class performances to become one of best-in-class companies in managing phenomenal growth, technological innovation and strong leadership. BioCell Collagen II is positioned as a next-generation ingredient due to its multi-layered support of various joint symptoms as well as its potential regenerative capability of degraded cartilage. While constant updates of knowledge and clinical information on BioCell Collagen II in Jusuru increase the awareness and confidence of consumers, BioCell Technology’s comprehensive intellectual property portfolio ensures that BioCell Technology protects their core competencies from predatory influences.

The Jusuru compensation plan

The Jusuru compensation plan is a uni-level hybrid plan which offers nine ways to make income. The ways to earn income with Jusuru are through direct sales; preferred customer and fast start bonuses, which offer 15% and 20% bonuses respectively; team commissions, and 5 others including a car bonus. The compensation plan is competitive and easy to follow. Distributors are paid on seven levels, in addition to all of the bonuses noted above. Jusuru claims they are not selling a business opportunity, they are selling Jusuru Life Blend juice and every distributor should treat the product as their business, build a network of interested consumers to build their business, knowing that some of their customers will become distributors as well. Jusuru has been certified by NPROS and is a legitimate MLM company with 20 employees, and headquarters in Anaheim, CA.


Jusuru is clearly a legitimate businesses opportunity with a patented and rewarded key ingredient in the product, a strong leadership and a fair compensation plan.

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