NFT collectibles will soon be available on Instagram, know what happens

NFT collectibles will soon be available on Instagram, know what happens

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New Delhi. Alessandro Paluzzi, the developer of WATweaker and known for his leaks, recently revealed on Twitter that Instagram may be working on an NFT collectible for user profiles. This could mean a platform that allows users to subscribe to their favorite creators or payment methods and monetization tools to help creators support their channel. In June, Instagram also hosted a session with professional creators for NFT creators on the platform, in which users were taught how to use the creation suite and leveraged products to increase their following on the platform. The panel discussed issues such as mental health and burnout.

Users will be able to bid for NFT collectibles

According to the tweet, Instagram posts offering NFTs will be labeled ‘collectible’ and users will be able to bid on them. The top bid will then win the collectible and can be shared with other collectors. All collectibles will appear in a dedicated section in the user’s profile. While this has yet to be confirmed by Facebook or Instagram, the platform has previously said it will explore ways to enable creators to earn money on the service.

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The company will increase the ‘Shop’ feature on WhatsApp

Facebook recently announced that it is going to expand the ‘Shop’ feature to WhatsApp and Facebook. The company itself has shared a post, in which the company has said to add visual search for shopping on Instagram. After the arrival of this feature, the user will get a different experience of shopping on the company’s platforms. Using this feature, users can search for relevant products on the Augmented Reality (AR) platform. The company said in its released post that we are working on Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence technology to improve the shopping experience of users.


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