New gun will be available in the update of Battleground Mobile India, there will be many changes in the Erangel map too

New gun will be available in the update of Battleground Mobile India, there will be many changes in the Erangel map too

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Battlegrounds Mobile India will soon get the July 2021 update, which will bring many improvements and new features to the game. Game developer Crafton has shared some of the upcoming changes to the Battle Royale game via a video on the official Battlegrounds Mobile India YouTube channel. A new weapon – the MG3 Light Machine Gun (LMG) will be added to the game with the coming updates. Healing consumables will now be throwable. BGMI will also get a mission for a limited time, which will be named Ignition Mode.

Shared on Battlegrounds Mobile India’s YouTube channel a video Let us tell you about the major changes coming with the July 2021 update. After the new update, the M249 LMG will be removed from the supply drop in the game and a new MG3 LMG will be added in its place. The M249 LMG will be available everywhere on the map, just like regular weapons. The new MG3 will have only one scope attachment slot and will work with the 7.62mm amo. Its fire rate will be between 660rpm to 990rpm, which will also have the option of changing it.

Changes will also be seen in the ranking system of Battleground Mobile India (BGMI). Two new levels will be added between Ace and Konqueror, namely Ace Master and Ace Dominator. Logos of all levels will also be changed. There will also be a new challenge points system, in which players can lose ranking points for reckless game play.

The Erangel map will get a new mode called Mission Ignition, which will include six new high-tech areas that will be added in lieu of certain areas of the map. In this, you can use the auto-drop feature to access the pinned location on the map. A hyperline train system will be added to the map, with stations across the map. The update will also add semi-trucks that have a fixed route and drop supply boxes if destroyed.

Battleground Mobile India will also get the G-38 gravity free motorcycle under Mission Ignition mode. It will run on land and can also be operated over water. There will be a new gun called the ASM Abakan, which will use the 5.56 Amo. There will be a patrol dog, which can be activated at certain locations and will mark some basic and high-end items.

As of now, Crafton hasn’t shared a release date for the update.


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