Mobile data runs out quickly?  enjoy doing this job for a long time

Mobile data runs out quickly? enjoy doing this job for a long time

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In today’s era life is incomplete without a smartphone. Especially in this era of Corona when studies are also being done online. Whether it is entertainment or getting any information, shopping or doing money transactions. Internet is needed for everything. For this everyone wants to save their mobile data. But many times people have to face the problem that even after using them wisely, they do not know where and how their data ends. So here we are telling you some ways to save mobile data. By following which you can reduce this problem to a great extent. Let’s know.

Don’t open multiple apps at once

Sometimes we open multiple apps one after the other. When using only one app. Due to this a lot of data is being spent at once. Not only this, even when we are not using the mobile, these apps remain open in the background. Which you don’t even care about. So when you open an app, don’t forget to close the rest of the app. Also, don’t forget to click on Clear or Close All Apps when you are not using mobile. This will save a lot of your data.

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Do not use online games and videos

Many times many people start watching movies online and start playing games. Apart from this, mobile data drains fast. So entertain yourself whenever you want to watch or listen to songs or play games, download videos and games. Whatever data will have to be spent by this will be done in one go. Through these you will be able to entertain yourself offline as well. No need to spend daily data for the same songs and games every day.

Keep Auto Update and Auto Download Settings Off

Many times you must have seen that whatever images or videos come on WhatsApp, they start downloading automatically. The same happens on many other apps as well. Also, when the new version of the apps comes, they start updating automatically. It also costs a lot of mobile data. So go to your WhatsApp and mobile settings and turn off auto download and auto update settings and download things only when needed.

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Don’t make free calling on apps

Free calling facility is provided on many apps. It is okay to use it occasionally for international calling but frequent local calls should be avoided as it also consumes mobile data very fast. Therefore, avoid using the facility of free calling given on any app.


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