MLM Success Through Praxis – Profitable Results And Power In Spirit

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MLM success through praxis? Some of you might be saying Jack you have lost your mind, what the heck is praxis, I know what MLM is and I do want to be successful in my MLM business but what and how is praxis going to help me. The answer to this question will become apparent as you read through this article.

In this post we are going to discuss an acronym for a powerful little word, Praxis; p,r,a,x,i,s. Some of you may be familiar with this word and some may not be. If you’re like I am you probably have words popping up occasionally that kind of catch you off guard and you don’t really know what they mean until you become curious enough to look it up or someone is kind enough to tell you. Allow me to enlighten you to the short version of what this word means, Praxis is the integration of belief with behavior.

That’s it; praxis is simply the integration of belief with behavior. You hear people say things all the time such as, “Yeah, I believe that you can multiply your income,” or ” Yeah, I believe that I will be successful in network marketing and my MLM business,” and yet their behavior would indicate that they aren’t even doing the things that are necessary to be successful in any business adventure. This behavior could be described as the lack of “praxis,” or the lack of integration of their belief with their behavior.

I have been doing some studying on the laws of attraction lately under the coaching and teaching of someone who should definitely know something about the subject of the laws of attraction. His name is Bob Proctor, Mr. Proctor not only stared in the movie “The Secret” he was also instrumental in the collaboration of the content and he is the one that introduced me to this powerful little word. He is also the one who put together the acronym being used here.

Now let’s take this acronym and break it down to its roots. First of all the “x” represents power, the unknown factor, so when you see the “x” in praxis, that is the power. That is the unknown factor-x.

“P” is for profitable, “R” is for results, “A” is for and, “X” is for power, “I” is for in, and “S” is for spirit. Now think about that for a minute; Profitable Results and Power in Spirit. It doesn’t matter what it is that you are doing, you have to get into the spirit of it if you want to be successful at it.

You see if you consciously believe that you can turn your annual income into a monthly income, you can internalize that idea and then it will happen. But, your belief has to be on a subconscious level as well as a conscious level.

In other words, it is not just your intellect that relates to this idea; it is your emotional being as well. It is part of your paradigm. It is your spirit.

If you were to look up praxis at “Thesaurus” you would find the definition to be, “habitual action”, along with many synonyms of about the same caliber, and if you were to take it a step further and look up praxis in “Wikipedia” you will discover that “praxis is the process by which a theory, lesson or skill is enacted, practiced, embodied or realized. At this point I would assume that you are beginning to understand the power that this little word carries with it.

Think about this, has anyone ever done anything extraordinary without being highly emotionalized in spirit where a skill is being enacted to embody or realize a tremendous accomplishment?

Praxis is the integration of belief with behavior. This is how dreams and goals are achieved.

Wishing you great success!

Jack L Dean

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