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Axapta/Microsoft Dynamics AX short overview. Navision Axapta was designed by Navision Software, shortly before its acquisition by Microsoft Great Plains Business Solutions. Navision Software had tremendous success in Europe and partially in North America with Navision Attain. Some IT commentators believe that Microsoft purchased Navision Software because it had European clientele and Microsoft with its mid-market ERP Microsoft Great Plains was present in USA, Latin America, Canada, UK, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand only. If this is true – Axapta was kind of in the position to still proof itself – Navision Axapta was targeted to upper mid-market and probably in the time (2001/2002) Microsoft was not yet ready openly compete with high-end ERP brands, such as Oracle Financials, Oracle Applications, PeopleSoft, JDEdwards, SAP R/3. However since 2005 Axapta sees very high interest both in Western Europe/UK and USA among the Microsoft Business Solutions VARs. Plus – on emerging markets, such as Brazil, Russia, East Europe – Axapta has very good positions and “competes” with Navision – in the good meaning of this word – number of Axapta implementations in East Europe is comparable with the number of Navision implementations

o Modern Design. Axapta was designed by Navision Software at the very end of 20th and the beginning of 21st centuries. Regardless of how nice it could sound – Axapta has the most recent design among MBS ERP systems: Microsoft Dynamics GP/Great Plains Software Dynamics (beginning of 1990th – Great Plains Dexterity platform), Microsoft Navision – Navision Attain – Microsoft Dynamics Navision (middle of 1990th with C/SIDE, C/ODBC and other proprietary technologies)

o Object Oriented Design. This word itself might be slightly outdated – we should probably talk about multi-tiered functional application logic and the way to modify/customize it. Axapta designers analyzed and took into consideration a lot of issues they formerly had with Attain as well as general ERP/MRP development trends and directions. This is why Axapta/Dynamics AX has tremendous potential

o Localization. Here we are switching to Brazilian thematic. Brazilian localization has two sides: Brazilian tax code and Brazilian Portuguese language translation. Tax Engine localization was subcontracted to India and the beta testing was done by Brazilian Microsoft VARs: XPTA and Alba Spectrum. Screen translation was minor issue and should be considered as successful. Regarding Brazilian tax code localization details we would like you to read bright articles, written by Roberto Kowas, who demonstrated Axapta tax localization in Sao Paulo to MBS partners in December 2005.

o Customization, Integration, Reporting. MorphX with X++ programming language. From the integration and report writing standpoints we could expect Microsoft move with Visual and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. You probably know that currently Microsoft is implementing so-called Project Green, now Microsoft Dynamics project, aiming in synchronization and possible future modulation of all Microsoft ERP/CRM products: Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics SL, Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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