Mentoring Gets You From Flawed To Fantastic!

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Having a mentor is the solution when you are stuck in a rut and don’t know what to do next.

Have you attended many different high-level courses and yet never optimized the ideas that you’ve learned from them? Do you have doubts about your ability to pull off what is most important to you? Do you wonder if you will ever have the right stuff to be outstanding? Do you suspect that the flaws which have accumulated over the years will hold you back from stepping into your greatness?

What changed for me is having an exceptional mentor who has always been there for me. He has (as all mentors must do) calmed my fears, by first believing in my talents. His faith in me, the way that he expresses his love towards me, and his positive energy that has got me to push through these occasional periods of doubt in myself.

You will know that you have chosen the best mentor for you when you get of the phone with him (or her), and you feel that all your “problems” are beneath your attention. You can then focus on what you are good at, and be on your way to being great.

Sometimes you can still get stuck, even with the greatest mentor. This happened to me. With my mentor’s help I had accomplished creating a website and giving a series of ten talks, but I kept getting stuck in going to the next level.

My flaws were still holding me back. Because some “flaws” are physical, such as having a traumatic brain injury and damaged fine motor skills, they are not going to go away. I realized that instead of struggling with these “flaws” I need to accept them, and design a team to counter them.

After over a year of not having any coaching sessions, I recently started them up again with an intensive plan designed especially for me. This time we are doing this as a team, and it is making all the difference in the world.

In addition to my mentor, there is someone on the team who records the coaching session and prepares detailed notes of everything that was discussed. This way, so that I do not have to worry about taking notes, or be concerned about forgetting something. She also calls me daily to keep my focused on, and accountable for, my coaching homework.

There is a fourth member who was another missing piece of the puzzle. He is able to do all of the technical work on my website. Up until now I haven’t had a consistent website person to handle glitches and make updates, which has held me back. He also has the sophisticated skills, such as search engine optimization, that are needed for me to go to the next level.

This team is like a tripod. At the top there is my mentor, a man who knows me best of all. It’s the best situation that I have ever been in, because I am now going from Flawed to Fantastic.

If you want to get unstuck, then take action. You can do the same thing I did.

To go from Flawed to Fantastic, here’s what you do:

Evaluate an area of your life that is not working.

Then ask yourself a better question: What would have to happen in my situation to get more joy, love, peace, or connection with my purpose?

Write down your “flaws”, or reasons you are stuck, without judging them.

Accept that you have these flaws, and love all of yourself, even the flaws.

Find other people who have skills which make up for the flaws.

Find a mentor who believes in you and has the specialized knowledge to teach you how to achieve your goals.

Use a team approach when working with your mentor.

Celebrate being Fantastic, even with the flaws still there!

Don’t worry about how you will find the people you need. Ask the universe with love in your heart, and see what it delivers. It will work, if you just ask.

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