McDonald's users' personal data leaked

McDonald’s users’ personal data leaked

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Now there is no problem of data leak. Even big companies keep falling prey to this data breach incident. Its latest victim has been McDonald’s, a world-renowned fast food retail chain. The latest data breach has captured the data of McDonald’s customers in South Korea and Taiwan, a news agency reported on Friday. The breach involved data from customers as well as employees of the retail chain. It is being told that the information included in the database includes e-mail addresses, phone numbers as well as their home addresses of customers and employees.

Reuters news agency reported on Friday that databases containing personal information of McDonald’s customers and employees based in South Korea and Taiwan have been breached. The database includes the e-mails, phone numbers and delivery addresses of these people. However, the company says that the payment details of the customers are safe.

The breach in the database was discovered after an investigation into unauthorized activity on the company’s network by an outside consulting firm for McDonald’s. McDonald’s said in a statement that although the company successfully closed access as soon as the activity was detected, the investigation found that some files, which contained personal information of customers, remained in the hands of the attackers. .

This is not the first incident of data leaks from large companies, with news on Friday that the database of a retailer of the US unit of Volkswagen AG was breached, leaking data of more than 3.3 million customers and potential buyers in North America is. . Nearly all of those affected include current or potential customers of Audi, one of the German automaker’s luxury brands.

The incidents of cyber crime are increasing now. Every day small to big companies are affected by this and the personal information of crores of people is in danger.


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