Manual Recruitment Vs Automated Recruitment

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Many companies are still stuck with the old methods of recruitment. The Result is that they are laid back from their competitors. Have you ever noticed that despite having years of experience in the field of recruiting you are far behind in the success ratio as compared to the newly emerging organizations? There are many companies which are sprouting as mushrooms day by day and with better facilities. But what is it that makes those companies different from you?

Well the answer lies in the recruitment process itself. With new advancements the recruitment process has also become automated. A manual recruitment requires recruiters which incurs a lot of monetary expenditure on the part of the company. The process includes the time period of weeks or even months which means delayed placements of the employees and by the time being the candidates are short listed they would have joined a different organization. Leaving aside the time period required there is no guarantee of the credibility of the job performed.

Most of the times because of the monotony of the job the recruiters tend to take their work as a burden and give a glance over the resumes, sometimes not even doing that thus neglecting the potential candidates.

The ball is in the court of your competitors because they do not follow the traditional method of recruiting rather they are well equipped with automated recruitment process which means more efficiency. The automated software not only saves money but also saves time and resources. The same number of resumes which used to take months of scrutinizing is now parsed in one night. The candidates short listed are best and the industrialist can interview them in a shorter time gap as compared to the manual recruitment. The companies will have the best employees with resume extraction software thus making it reach pinnacle.

Get better employees at a shorter period!

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