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Everyone would like to have his or her presence felt on the internet 24/7. Some would also like to have their details displayed when a search is made under their name in a search engine. Getting your website name suggested as one of the best is truly a matter of pride.

Now the question is how one exactly starts over his dream website.

• The first thing that a person needs to do is to think of the current in demand thing that would sell like hot cakes. Carry out some research over the topic and gather some details regarding the same.

• Now what you need is a name for your website. Search for the domain names that are available and would very well suit your website contents. You could use any of the names available ending with either of the following .com, .net, .org, .edu, .in, and so on.

• The next most important step is to get your contents properly arranged in the webpages:

1. Check each and every link and see to it that it leads to the appropriate pages. Also make arrangements for the addition of contents later on.

2. Leave enough spaces and wisely choose these spaces to place your advertising contents.

3. The contents that would be added should be unique and eye-catching. So that the visitors keep returning to your website again and again. Such websites are called as resonant websites.

4. Avoid using copyright material of the other websites. Some websites may report this to your web hosting administration and your website could be blocked whereas some websites allow publishing of their contents after their permission is sort out. Some websites allow publishing only a part of their contents with proper links directing to their website. Some websites also allow republishing of their contents after editing the contents properly and making it appear unique and different compared to their original content. All these information, whether the website allows the publishing of their contents is available in the Terms & Conditions link , Privacy Policies link, etc. in their website or you could also contact the website owners and ask them regarding their copyright materials. Their contact information is generally published in the contact us link available on their website.

5. Images could also be added to your website to make it appear more attractive. You could also make use of flash banners to display certain contents of your website. Videos and audios could also be used on a website as per the requirements.

6. Their are various free codes and scripts available on various websites which could be simply copied from their website and pasted onto yours to have that program or feature run on your webpage . For eg : If you would like to run a program on your webpage that would display the current date and time on your website then just visit the website which provides such codes and simply copy paste the given code onto your webpage and preview the webpage in order to see the program work.

• After your website is fully functional, find a good hosting company (eg : yahoo web hosting) to buy your required webspace and register your domain name. Now both these activities could be done from the same company or from different companies, where one is a dedicated host server and the other for registering domain name (eg : Domain registration Yahoo)

• Once this is done you will be provided an ftp username and password. Eg: [] will be the address which leads to your webspace given to you by your ftp hosting server. There you will be asked to provide the username and password given to you. This password could be changed later on. In this webspace you will then find a few folders out of which one will carry the name as www, inside which all your webpages should be copied from your computer or from some external storage device. Now to confirm that your website is online and running open your internet browser and type your website name and surf through your website to clarify any errors.

• Now you need advertisements to be displayed on the website, if your website is meant to display advertisements to collect revenue from the website. But if your website is set up just to advertise your product and service and you do not wish to publish any other advertisements then you do not need to follow this step. Otherwise sign up for advertisements that you could display on your website Eg: Google AdSense. After joining their program they will notify you through email whether your account has been activated or not. In case you apply for Google AdSense, which is considered as one of the best online advertising company which will assure you maximum profit, all you need to do is sign up for the Google AdSense account and once this is done you will be notified through email when your account gets activated. After that you can enter the AdSense login using your username and password and view your account details. To set up Google advertisements on your website you require the Google AdSense code. For this just click on the AdSense setup tab to get a page that displays whether you would like to have content ads, link ads or referral ads to be displayed on your website. Choose as per your wish and proceed further till you get the ad code. Just copy paste the entire code in the place where you want it to appear on your website. Relevant ads will then appear on your website when your webpage is uploaded on the internet.

• To attract traffic to your website, do the following basic things:

a. Submit your website in the popular search engines.

b. Search for the high paying keywords that you could use in your website content to simply occupy these keywords. This will not only assure you a top position in the search engine but also get high paying ads to appear on your website. Getting clicks on which may give you a good share of money (H > $5). Generally the price per click is $0.05.

• Try getting your website placed in that website which has a higher page rank. This would in turn increase your page rank and get you a top position in the search engine and get you maximum profit from the traffic experienced thereafter. For this you need to place their URL in your website and send the URL link of the webpage where you have placed their link and explain how it would be useful for them if they link to your website. There are also various websites which have a higher page rank ad they link to other websites with a lower page rank by asking them to pay a certain amount in return i.e. they literally try to make money directly out of a high page rank of their website. There are also various websites which will ask you to submit you website title, website URL and description and will then suggest a few websites that would like to trade links with you, these websites may or may not have a higher page rank. It is always advisable to link with a website having a higher page rank. Scrutinize the website with whom you will be linking to. Trading links is just one of the ways to increase your page rank by linking with the websites having a higher page rank and finally get a top position in the search engines.

• Keep updating your website from time to time and add as many pages you would like to add to your website.

• You even add an RSS feed to your website which gets updated automatically. The feed content could be anything which would be useful for your visitors. Adding an RSS feed will also ensure the search engines that your website is updated regularly and thus get you a higher position in the search engine results.

• Also make sure that you submit your website information in and once the site displays your site rank and traffic details, place an alexa widget on your website which displays you website rank. This everyone may not agree upon, if the website ranks way too behind, but let me tell you that it is one of the tested methods used to increase the alexa rankings. Once you have a good alexa ranking you could get websites with a high page rank linking to your sites and thereby increase your page rank too.

• Always keep checking the statistics of your websites i.e. no. of unique visitors per month, no. of clicks per month, for where was the maximum crowd pulled to your website, what is your average click per unique visitor and what were the keywords used to find your website through search engines. The page displaying such data is usually provided by the web hosting company itself.

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