Breadth divergence is a troubling sign for the stock market

‘Makes their blood boil’: Democrats criticize billion-dollar companies for paying low tax rates and state-by-state tax-free shopping guide for back-to-school supplies

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‘Makes their blood boil’: Democrats criticize billion-dollar companies for paying low tax rates

More than 100 U.S. companies are paying an average effective tax rate of 1.1%, according to new data released by Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden. Read More

‘Arguably, it is the best time ever to be a teen in search of summer work’: Why the July jobs report is good news for young workers

‘Staffing shortages give ambitious younger workers the chance to wear many hats and try out different roles,’ one expert said. Read More

No shrinkflation at Kellogg, CEO says. ‘If we make it smaller, we also make it cheaper’

Some companies respond to inflation by shrinking package sizes, but keeping prices the same. Kellogg CEO says they’re ‘not necessarily working a margin play.’ Read More

Weekend reads: The jobs market isn’t cracking — gloom turns to boom in the economy

Also: takeaways from earnings, ideas for stock pickers … and should you get a day off when your pet dies? Read More

State-by-state tax-free shopping guide for back-to-school supplies

A number of states have tax-free holidays in the days and weeks ahead, offering consumers a chance to save on clothing, school supplies and more. Read More

Should workers get time off when a pet dies?

‘We’re on the cusp’ of pet bereavement leave becoming a more standard benefit, HR consultant says, as companies take a closer look at work-life balance Read More

‘My brother has done nothing,’ but lays claim to my late father’s home. I’ve lived there since 2016. What should I do?

‘He also keeps telling me what I can and can’t do with the property.’ Read More

‘One of the strongest job markets in the past 50 years’: Looking for a pay raise? This jobs report has good news for you.

Annual wage growth was 5.2% in July, but will likely motivate the Federal Reserve to continue raising interest rates. Read More

Bear market blues: How to keep a sense of financial control in uncertain times.

Act now on taxes, income and spending to cover short-term challenges and protect long-term financial goals. Read More

Those big wheels on your car or truck are costing you big time

Big wheels cost more, decrease gas mileage, provide a harsher ride and can be harder to replace if damaged. Read More

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