Learning Metal Working Trades Beneath the Surface of the Ocean

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Under this World Metal Working Skills and Opportunities

One of the most exotic places to work is under the surface of the ocean. Underwater construction is a trade very few people ever get experience and some may even call it the final frontier. The people who do this type of work are technically commercial divers. The people who do this type of work are working all over the place and it is not just in the ocean. Divers are needed to inspect our bridges, power plant holding tanks and yes they do work deep under the surface fixing pipes and mechanical systems of the oil rig platforms. But there is a lot more to this profession then most people realize.

Commercial divers need to be able to perform many tasks that are required in their work environment. Once a diver gets into place where the work will be performed then there are many obstacles they need to overcome. There will be ocean currents pulling them in all directions. Some other cases they will need to feel their way around because they won’t be able to see from the water or liquid being so solid. Some divers are put into toxic tanks and they need to inspect the surfaces for wear and tear. Finally some divers need to dive to extreme debts.

Underwater construction is a challenging career and not for everyone. It has many risks and death is very possible. As a commercial diver you can also expect to earn a really good pay check and get lots of traveling opportunities. There are jobs all over the world and even in your back yard. Bridges need inspections and deep sea platforms always need work.

Before getting a chance to dive the soon to be divers need to go through an apprenticeship program. In this field there is a top person and a bottom person. The top person makes sure the diver gets the air they need to breath and are there to support that person. Even though the top person may not be in the water they do have a big responsibility. The diver’s life is in their hands and they need to be ready for anything. The bottom person is the one who goes in the water. The diver is the one who does all of the work but relies on the top person for their safety and support. It is a relationship where both people do a very important job for each other.

In order to get involved in this field the person wishing to learn needs to find the appropriate training center. Before being able to sign up everyone needs to pass a physical and mental exam. This is very important because divers are pushing their minds and bodies to their absolute limits and if something were to go wrong there is no help. Once a diver goes so deep they cannot surface right away because they will get the bends also know as decompression sickness. The bends will result in death if the diver is not able to get re compressed in time. The training is typically a one year program that gets the apprentice enough knowledge to get into the field working and then gaining valuable experience so that they can do more complicated and dangerous work.

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