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KPMG was incepted in the year 1987 with the union of two companies: Peat Marwick International (PMI) and Klynveld Main Goerdeler (KMG). The name KPMG is a union of the initials of the names of its founders. They provide various forms of programs and services related to Tax, and Advisory. The latter includes both Infrastructure and Government Services. The KPMG Six Sigma Certification is a world class program falling under their Advisory training group of Business excellence. They provide Lean Six sigma Green belt certification and Six Sigma Black belt certification programs. KPMG has worked with several Fortune 500 companies and have designed these courses:

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Program can be useful to a variety of professionals like Project Managers, Software Professionals, Software Quality Assurance Engineers and even to students. The eligibility for this course is:

a. Graduate in any field

b. Knowledge of statistical tools

c. A previous participation in any Quality Management or improvement program is preferable.

The broad overview of this four day course:

d. The methodology and DMAIC approach

e. The historical and practical significance

f. The importance of team work

g. Project management methods

h. How to run statistical analysis

The topics covered in this course are:

a. Concept of lean

b. Process capability, segmentation and stratification

c. Measurement system analysis

d. Project charter

e. Box plot and regression analysis

f. Rolled throughput yield

g. Process map analysis

h. Pareto and hypothesis testing

I. Correlation,


k. C and B matrix


m. Process management charts

n. Fishbone diagram, data collection plan normality study

The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Program can be useful to the Management department of companies who wish to implement Six Sigma for an error free process. The course can be taken by Software professionals and Quality management and assurance team of any company. This is upper level six sigma course. The candidate should be a graduate with a green belt certification from any reputed institute. The KPMG Six Sigma Certification at the black belt level teaches the following:

a. Six Sigma methodology

b. The role of a Black belt six sigma professional

c. Conversion of practical problem into statistical problem and deriving a statistical solution and reverting it back to a practical solution

d. Project management methods

e. On-hand use of Minitab software for statistical analysis

Some of the lessons covered by the course:

a. Project Charter

b. Capability of a process

c. Process Map Analysis

d. Measurement Analysis

e. Box Plot

f. Fishbone Diagram

g. Data Collection Plan

h. Run and control chart

I. Formation of Hypothesis

j. Hypothesis analysis

k. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)

l. Alpha and Beta Risk analysis

m. Variances and Ratios

n. Multiple Variable analysis

o. How to design Experiments and what is its significance

p. Principles of factorial design

q. Interactions Plot

r. Pareto

s. The significance of a Standardized effect

t. How to change management tools like Threat and Opportunity, Elevator Speech, Stakeholder Analysis

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