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Know if the vaccine is available in your area through WhatsApp on this number

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New Delhi. The central and state governments are making new preparations to further strengthen the corona vaccination campaign across the country. Apart from making people aware about the vaccine, arrangements are also being made to ensure that there is no problem in getting the vaccine. For this My Corona Help Desk has been created by the Central Government.

Another special thing with this help desk is that people waiting to get the vaccine will now have to contact the vaccine centers or doctors to know anything related to corona from the availability of vaccine in their area. You will not have to go round or rely on any other application. People running WhatsApp on their phones will get information from vaccines to strengthening immunity and seeking help at the national and state level in just one message.

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Government of India has issued a mobile number for this help desk. which is available on whatsapp. On this number, information about the presence of corona vaccine in any part of the country will be available. For example, whether the dose of corona vaccine is available in that area or not and how many doses are available. In addition, information about vaccination centers will also be available. The special thing is that all this information will be available in both Hindi and English languages.

This work will have to be done for the information of vaccine

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) and Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (Meit Y), Government of India has jointly released the number 9013151515. All people have to save this number in their phone. When this number is saved, it has to be opened on WhatsApp. Now you need to send the pin code of the area in which you live or the area where you want to get information about the availability of the vaccine. Immediately after this you will get information related to the vaccine.

Other information related to Corona is also available

On this number, not only the vaccine related but all the information related to corona disease will also be available on WhatsApp. Apart from the vaccine related information from the pincode of the area, if you send by typing the menu on this number, then a list will open immediately from the other side which will open what to do in case of symptoms of corona in the vaccination center and FAQs on Kovid 19 Useful Alerts Eight types of information can be found, including professional advice and measures to strengthen immunity, where to get help at the national and state level, myths and true news and tips to defeat the corona virus. Success stories for For this, you just have to enter the serial number of the information you want.

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