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There are a number of private airlines in India. JetAirways is easily among the largest of these carriers. JetAirways operates from Mumbai where it has its own HQ located. Jet has been able to make a strong foothold because it was among the first to be introduced after the government of India decided to open up the aviation sector for private players.

Ever since its establishment, Jet has been know to deliver some of the best services to the people flying in and out of India. Actually Jet is among the very few Indian aviation companies which qualify as a full service company. Along with Jet Airways which is the standard carrier, there is JetLite which is the low frills part of the air based transportation giant. The airline company holds nearly 30% of the Indian aviation market share and is catering to more than 12 million passengers in any given year. International destination of Jet Airways are key cities in Europe, North America and Asia.

Following the vast and bumbling giant that is Air India, JetAirways is the company that carries India. Jet operates more than 400 flights everyday catering to nearly 80 destinations in India and across the globe. It is also among the topmost Indian airlines in terms of sales of international air tickets. Carrying the distinct flying sun logo with golden and yellow ribbons, Jetairways planes are easily recognized across the country. JetAirways Connect also comes under the umbrella of JetAirways.

‘Which’ magazine has rated Jet as the second best airlines in the world for long haul flights, right after the prestigious Singapore Airlines. Since 1993 when Jet began its operations, it is known and has been honored for its really remarkable catering services. The total fleet strength of Jet airways is 89 aircraft. Majority of the air planes are Boeing 777-300ER class though some other planes like Airbus A330-200 are also included in it. Boeing planes in the fleet provide First class, Premier (Business) class and Economy class. Airbus planes only provide Premier and Economy class.

Over the years, many private players have come in the Indian aviation sector. Many of these have unsuccessfully tried to muscle in the turf of Jet Airways but Jet continues to hold the second position and is only expected to strengthen its role and dominance in the Indian aviation market as the years go on.

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