It’s Time to Get ’12’ On Your Number Plate

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The 5th Day of December was an important one in the personalised number plate business. Why I hear you ask? I’ll tell you.

It was when the next series of numbers – 12 – were released.

The formation of the ’12’ numbers has caused a lot of excitement within the personalised number plate world. As is often the case with number plates, you can substitute numbers for letters and letters for numbers to spell a word.

’12’ is the ideal substitute for R.

Now you can have any word that has a ‘R’ in it. There are actually over 7.5 million combinations to choose from. That’s a whopping number and in this article, we couldn’t cover that amount of words. But here are a few to get your creative juices flowing. I’ve broken them into a number of categories so you can pick and choose your favourite.


Personalised number plates are a great way to promote your business offline. With so many businesses focused on building their business online, you can easily differentiate yourself with a plate that promotes your business. Above all, it creates interest and you never know when someone is looking for your services.

  • AG12 CUL for all things agricultural
  • FA12 MNG – for farmers of all types
  • BA12 BER – for all the barbers out there
  • HA12 CUT – for all the hairdressers out there
  • BA12 TWO – for any combination of three letters to spell out your Bar


Having your name on your name plate is the epitome of personalised number plates. Think of names and surnames and don’t forget nicknames.

  • GO12 DON
    • If you have the same firstname as the great chef Mr Ramsey, treat yourself to your name.
  • HA12 PER
    • Victoria & David could solve their Christmas present worries this year by buying their little daughter a personalised name plate. Also works if your surname is Harper.
  • DE12 DRE
    • The much loved character in Coronation Street – Mrs Barlow – could get her own number plate. The Irish name Deirdre comes to life beautifully using the ’12’ registration combination.
  • CA12 ROT
    • Don’t forget nicknames. If you have red hair or love rabbits, how can you resist a nameplate such as this one?


Personalised number plates can show the world how you love to spend your time.

  • GO12 DON
    • If a G&T is your favourite tipple, then how perfect is this nameplate?
  • PO12 KER
    • If you breed pigs or love a bit of bacon for your breakfast, this is an ideal name plate for you.
  • AR12 OWS
    • If you’re in the TA, then this could be for you. Alternatively if you like a bit of Archery, then this is perfect as well.

All vehicles bought on or after 1st March, 2012 will have a ’12’ plate. Grab yours now before it’s too late. The applicability of ’12’ to words in the English language will put many combinations in much demand.

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