Is Pearlcium a Profitable and Legit Opportunity? Pearlcium Review

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I decided to investigate an opportunity called Pearlcium due to the number of scams running online, this is what I found out…

From Humble Beginnings

Pearlcium® International is a nutritional company engaged in developing health and beauty products, alongside helping people in the aspect of health and prosperity.

The company was founded by Dr. Rulin Xiu, a physicist who has spent years studying and perfecting the extraction of pure and active signal proteins, which are found in pearls. This is apart from Dr. Rulin Xiu’s continuous involvement in different areas of medical research which began with her ability to be drawn to these natural wonders that local herbal store owners have always had trouble getting their hands to. This began her fascination with herbs that later on evolved to the study and research of medical benefits in pearls.

What’s In It?

Pearlcium® International relies mainly in a component of pearls – the Signal Protein. Ancient tests prove that taking pearl internally can help people attain good health, longevity, maintain youthful beauty, and acquire a higher state of mind. Because of these beneficial traits, the company has long been involved with study and research on ways to perfect the process of extracting Signal Protein from pearls and on how to make it more available to our bodies.

Signal Proteins are claimed to have the ability to restore our well being. It is claimed to regenerate bones, bring back the suppleness to skin, and revive the proper function of our human organs. This is all based on the companies opinion.

Money Matters

Pearlcium® International provides a way for its distributors to profits from referring the product to buyers, instead of paying advertisers.

In the beginning, the company was reluctant to pay big advertising money to retail and advertise its product. With this sentiment, the company opted to use a network marketing model to address the issue. For the company’s distributors, this program can provide an opportunity to put a sizeable amount of money into their pockets every month.

Pearlcium® Pay Plan is designed for new distributors and seasoned ones maintain leverage at their game. It is claims to be a remunerative business in the nutritional industry. There are six ways to earn from the Pearlcium® Pay Plan.

First is when a team member has a chance to sell Pearlcium® products at a discounted price and from there, the member earns a retail bonus of some amount. This bonus is paid to the member weekly provided that these have been purchased by your personally-sponsored distributors up to the 4th generation. Third is by the 3×9 Matrix Pay Out which is paid every 15th of the month. The fourth is the Matching Bonus wherein the bonus you will receive will be matched to the commission that your personally-sponsored distributor. The fifth way to earn is through the Founder’s bonus wherein you must achieve your first 1000 members. And lastly, members earn through bulk discount.

From what I’ve seen so far, it seems to look like a legit opportunity. However, it has a horrible marketing plan. You’re going to be told to prospect family and friends, conduct home parties, hand out brochures and many other undesirable methods. Find other lead generation methods.

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