Is An ACN Business Right For You?

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Many people have looked at the ACN Business opportunity, some have moved forward, some have not. But the real question is whether the ACN Business is right for you specifically. The first thing you need to know is that ACN is a network marketing or multi level marketing company. If you are one of those people that, under no circumstances will be interested in a MLM company then you would likely want to pass.

If you are open to this type of marketing model then the first hurdle of the decision process has been passed. Now you need to look specifically at the ACN Business itself and decide if it is the right one for you vs. other options. Those options could be in another MLM or Network Marketing company, they could be in a non MLM company or you could be employed.

I’ll start with the assumption that you want to be in business for yourself and that’s why you are considering an ACN business and talk about the differences between having a MLM business and starting or buying a business and then compare ACN to other MLM companies.

ACN Business vs. A non MLM business:

There are advantages to both and disadvantages to both. The non MLM business generally will have a lot higher price tag to get started and the ongoing costs will also be a lot higher. Let’s take a subway franchise as an example. To open a Subway shop you will need to pay them for training, pay for a lease location and the associated utilities, pay for equipment, maintenance on that equipment, advertising to let people know you are there, employees, added business taxes, insurance and the list goes on. Sure the odds are pretty good that you will do well, but if you don;t you will likely be wiped out.

On the other hand with a MLM company like ACN, your start up costs and marketing investment will be relatively minor. There is no question you will still have marketing expenses and ongoing costs to stay in the business, but they will be a fraction of the cost of opening a retail or food establishment.

The difficulty with a business like ACN is that, let’s face it, there is a stigma attached, it is generally unfounded, but it does exist. The other problem is that you will not generally get the training that you do with a Subway operation and as such your chances of failure are greater. To overcome this you will need to make sure that you develop the right kind of education, or your chances of failure are very high. Sadly in the MLM world the probability of failure when people are not trained correctly is around 97%.

An ACN Business vs. other MLM Business’s:

This is a tougher question to answer, but there are some key criteria to keep in mind. If you are comparing ACN to a start up or pre launch you would want to go with ACN because of its stability. The same would be true of a struggling small company that doesn’t have the financial ability to move forward. The other reason to consider ACN will be one of the most important and that is the issue of what you want to do. Is this an industry you want to be in? Do you like the technology? Are you comfortable talking about this type of product?

What Does Your ACN Business Support Team Look Like:

While I am going to discuss this last it is by no means least important. You need to make sure that you either have strong leadership within your ACN Business, people that can really help you to succeed, or you have an outside source that can help you build your business. If after you have evaluated the points above and decided you want to go forward with ACN, then you will need to be able to expand past your friends and family to help your business really take off. So the last piece of the evaluation is to make sure that the business you get in has strong leadership that can help you with your goals. You can find that in ACN.

Finally, if you are serious about getting your ACN business off the ground, I suggest you take a look at this free marketing video on how to avoid struggles that most people have in getting their business’s going, click on the link to learn more:

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