iPhone users beware!  Do not connect the phone to this Wi-Fi or you will never be able to use it again

iPhone users beware! Do not connect the phone to this Wi-Fi or you will never be able to use it again

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New Delhi. If you use an iPhone and connect your phone to the Internet for free Wi-Fi or any other unknown name for the Internet, then you can not imagine how heavy it can be for you. Recently iPhone detected a new bug that is destroying the wireless functionality of the phone by establishing only Wi-Fi connection. Newfound bug after crash renders iPhones completely unable to use Wi-Fi even when the device restarts. The vulnerability has been detected and tested on multiple iOS versions online by security researchers. It is associated with specific SSIDs that use multiple symbols instead of a single word. When connected to a hotspot or Wi-Fi network with such names, it was found that the iPhone lost all its ability to use the Wi-Fi functionality. After this, if the user has turned on Wi-Fi, then it will be turned off every time. It doesn’t work even after resetting the device or renaming the hotspot.

Shaw clarified that neither rebooting nor changing the SSID fixed the bug. Shaw did this experiment on his iPhone XS, which was running iOS version 14.4. In subsequent tests, BleepingComputer confirmed the bug on iOS 14.6. A report on the issue by the publisher noted that multiple tests on strange SSIDs would cause Wi-Fi settings on iPhones to work incorrectly. The result of each test is the same: the iPhone’s wireless connectivity stopped working completely.

No such threat on Android
The report also noted that the connection to the SSID also failed in some tests and the team still could not access the regular wireless network on their iPhones. Results like scores were also experienced. It seems that the bug is limited to iOS and does not affect Android devices. As is understandable, the bug could be used by threat actors to disable Wi-Fi settings on iPhones by tricking people into using password-free hotspots (with such SSIDs) in public areas. is. is.

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a way to fix
Experts say that if an iPhone is affected by this bug then the only way to recover Wi-Fi function is to reset its network settings. For this iPhone users can go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. The bug was first reported by reverse engineer Carl Shaw. In a tweet, Shaw said that Wi-Fi functionality on his iPhone may be permanently disabled after connecting to his personal Wi-Fi with the SSID “‘%p%s%s%s%s%s%n ” gone.

Of course, the problem will be temporary and can be easily fixed, but only if you know what the problem is and how to solve it. So make sure to share this new discovery with your friends and loved ones who are using iPhone.


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