Interrogatory Biofeedback – Is Star Trek Technology Here Today?

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When I think of Interrogatory Biofeedback, it reminds me of watching Star Trek when a patient would go to Sick Bay and received a shot. What was in that shot? It sounded like air. Was it knowledge; a type of knowledge that reminds the body how to be well?

I think that we can go there with this technology that is available today called Interrogatory Feedback or EDS (electro dermal screening). This system is used to evaluate a client at a custom level based on exactly where the body is physically, mentally and emotionally. Sometimes even a lacking spirit is detected as a cause of an imbalance or illness.

Interrogatory Biofeedback uses a query machine which is a communication device. It is not a diagnostic machine nor does the Practitioner diagnose. A Practitioner is using the system in wonderment to ask questions, to inquire. Your body knows what it is lacking and what it needs. Practitioners can ask questions based on your concerns and with this guided research based on your own bodies communication – biofeedback, resolutions and remedies can be made specifically to you as an individual.

Imagine being able to take a clear look inside of your body to acknowledge what is happening on all levels and finding a balance for its needs whether through nutrition, supplementation, homeopathy, color therapy or more choices as the list goes on. You determine what will work best for you. Nothing is mandatory, nothing is forced, but understanding is received and achieved. This knowledge is reinforced with an imprint of the custom remedy given at the end of the session, hence the injection of knowledge like the Star Trek shot, along with a printed report on what you could purchase to reinforce the session.

This technology is painless and completely non-invasive. You don’t feel anything but a light pressure from a probe used typically on a spot on the hand. The atmosphere is comfortable. You are asked to drink plenty of water and make sure that you have eaten before your visit.

There is a recorded interview that explains this system in more detail. See resource below.

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