Inexpensive Plane Tickets And Where to Look For Them

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For most people, getting a good deal on flight tickets is a real priority when planning a trip. There are literally millions of sites, all offering different deals and prices, it really can be very confusing! Below is a short guide that will help you to find great deals without having to spend hours surfing the internet.

Consider using a different airport

When searching for inexpensive plane tickets this is vitally important and applies to both your departure and your destination airport. Most big cities (and many holiday destinations) have a 2nd, smaller airport. These airports are often heavily favored by the budget airlines and so offer much cheaper fares. The downside of using these airports is that they are usually twenty or thirty miles away from the city that they serve, for many people though the huge savings to be made more than justifies the extra travelling once on the ground.

Use comparison sites

These are an excellent resource, simply type in your destination, departure airport and the dates you wish to travel and within seconds you will find some inexpensive plane tickets, make sure though not to grab the first good deal that you come across. I always check at least 3 different sites before I even consider booking a flight.

Consult a travel agent

Many people no longer even think of using a travel agent these days, this is a big mistake! While its true that they often can’t beat the quote you found on the internet, occasionally they get their hands on ‘exclusive deals’ that really knocks the socks off the competition. Each time you choose to fly anywhere, make it part of your money saving routine to give the travel agent a call. Sometimes they can surprise you with a deal for really inexpensive plane tickets.

Insider information

My favorite money saving strategy by far is to pick the brains of an ex airline employee, these guys know the airline travel business inside out and using the (legal) methods they know, you can literally save hundreds of dollars per trip!

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