How to Train Your Brain for Maximum Creativity

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Did you know that you can literally train your brain to be more creative? You don’t have to wait for inspiration to strike either.

Understand That Creativity Can Be Designed

If you’re in a creative profession, or want to be, the idea that you can be “blocked” comes up a lot. You’ve seen movies and stories about people with writer’s block, or artists who are in a dry spell. The problem with this is that most professionals aren’t permitted to have blocks or dry spells, so why are creatives?

The truth is, just like a doctor can do surgery on schedule, so can any creative person. You can write on a schedule. You can paint on a schedule. You can do what you want on a schedule. You don’t need to have the desire, passion, or inspiration to do it – only the skill and dedication to do it.

Learn Something Brand New

If you’re starting to feel bored, or as if you’re having a dry spell or a block happening, learn something brand new. You can learn more about your profession that is new, or you can learn about a new thing that stimulates the other side of your brain. Either way, when you learn something new, it will help you train your brain to be more creative.

Practice Being Creative on Demand

Don’t buy into the idea that you can’t be creative on demand. Instead, buy into the idea that you can. Then practice doing it. Create the right schedule for yourself when you’re going to be creative. Have a plan going in and do it.

Activities That Help Turn on Your Creative Side

It can also help if you find a transitional activity to do right before you change things you’re doing to a creative thing. For example, you might want to go for a walk between activities, do a crossword puzzle or read for a few minutes between creative activities.

Spend Time in Different Creative Endeavors

Don’t only do one thing that is creative. Try other things too. The more ways you indulge your creative nature, the more ways you’ll be able to.

Exercise Both Sides of Your Brain

Find a way to stimulate both sides of your brain. Things like making origami, throwing and catching a big ball, juggling, jump roping and things that require you to use both hands and your feet, as well as your other senses, will help you stimulate both sides of your brain.

Write Down Your Thoughts and Ideas

When you have creative thoughts at any point in the day, be sure to write them down. You may forget if you don’t write your ideas and thoughts down right away. You can use your smartphone to help you collect this information.

Use Your Imagination as Children Do

One amazing thing about children is their ability to imagine things. If you’re not sure how to do this, go outside with your own or friends’ kids to experience it. They let their imagination just run wild in exciting ways. You can still do it.

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