How to Get Exalted With Darkspear Trolls

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The Darkspear Trolls is one of the Horde factions in the massively multi-player online role-playing game World of Warcraft (WoW). Gaining reputation with them is a process much like gaining reputation with other WoW races: accomplishing quests, repeated cloth turn-ins and running the Alterac Valley battleground.


Step 1

Create a troll or orc character, if you do not already have a Horde character. You will enter the game in the Valley of Trials, in southern Durotar. If you create an undead, blood elf, tauren, or death knight character, you will need to travel from their starting locations to the Valley of Trials.

Step 2

Find and do every quest offered by a Horde non-player character (NPC). The vast majority of Horde quests offer some gain in Darkspear Toll reputation, from a few to a lot of points. Following the quest progression will lead your character north to the Horde city Orgrimmar.

Step 3

Travel to the next adjacent Horde area from Orgrimmar and continue questing. From here, your character may travel by land or take the zeppelins to other places around Azeroth and find more quests. Some key places for earning large amounts of Darkspear Troll reputation are The Barrens, Ashenvale, Malaka’Jin, Stranglethorn Vale, and Zangarmarsh.

Cloth Turn-in

Step 1

Collect a stack of 60 wool and turn it in to the Horde Cloth Quartermaster Vehena, located in Orgrimmar in the Valley of Spirits.

Step 2

Collect a stack of 60 silk and turn it in to Vehena.

Step 3

Collect a stack of 60 mageweave and turn it in to Vehena.

Step 4

Collect a stack of 60 runecloth and turn it in to Vehena.

Step 5

Continue collecting runecloth in stacks of 20, and turn them in to Vehena. After turning in the first stack of runecloth, the quests then becomes repeatable for that cloth. Runecloth drops from level 51-60 humanoid creatures you defeat in combat. Some key places to find these humanoid creatures are Felwood, Western Plaguelands, Eastern Plaguelands, Azshara, Silithus, and Dire Maul. Another method for collecting runecloth is by buying it from the Auction House, although this can be rather expensive. It’s up to you to decide whether the cost of runecloth is worth the gain in reputation this way.

Alterac Valley Battleground

Step 1

Collect armor scraps from the Alterac Valley battleground matches (which you can join once your character is level 51 or higher) and turn them into one of the Horde representatives, either inside or outside of the battleground. The main Horde faction representing Alterac Valley is the Frostwolf Clan, and most of the reputation from these turn-ins will go towards increasing your character’s standing with them. However, with each stack of items turned in, your character will also receive a smaller amount of reputation for all other Horde factions, including Darkspear Trolls. This method earns reputation slightly slower than the previous two, but it’s dependent on how often your character engages in Alterac Valley matches. The Alterac Valley battleground may be entered from Orgrimmar, by speaking to the female orc battlemaster Kartra Bloodsnarl, found with the other battlemasters at the Hall of the Brave in the valley of Honor. The actual entrance is in the Alterac Mountains, north-east of the Horde town of Tarren Mill.

Step 2

Collect storm crystals and turn them in here.

Step 3

Collect Stormpike Soldier’s Blood and turn them in here.

Skill: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:

Internet connection

Active World of Warcraft subscription

A Horde character (troll, blood elf, orc, tauren, undead or death knight)


If you have another character you play that is already Exalted with the Darkspear Trolls, send any runecloth that character gathers to your other characters who have not yet reached Exalted status. If your character belongs to a guild, barter with your guildmates for their excess runecloth. Find a guildmate who is also currently building their Darkspear Troll reputation and team with them for Alterac Valley matches.

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