How to Build Your Network Marketing Business Using an MLM Lead Generator

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One of the easiest ways to build your own home based business is to get involved in a network marketing company but you’re going to need some leads.

Simply by buying shares in your chosen company, you earn the right to build a business by recruiting others who want to do the same. If you subscribe to the old model of network marketing, your primary lead generation tool is your so called warm market list.

With the new model of network marketing on the internet, your primary lead generation tool is your list builder. Confused? Don’t be. It’s really quite basic. Simply put, an MLM lead generator is a generic product that appeals to people who are most likely to join your business opportunity. It’s not rocket science.

The old way you hit up on your friends and relatives until someone reluctantly agrees to hear you out and maybe buys in, or they start avoiding you. Ouch!

The internet way, you work out what kind of person is most likely to be interested in what you have to offer, then you find or create a product you know they want and need. Here’s where it gets interesting.

Once you have that product lined up, you can either give it away or you can sell it for a small price and collect the prospects’ contact details along the way. Voila, you now have a growing list of targeted prospects most likely to be interested in your primary business and if you get good at offering ongoing help, some will join you in business.

With the giveaway model you will likely get lots of people signing up to your list. With the second model, selling your product / service allows prospects to pre-qualify themselves by taking a more difficult action (parting with a small amount of money) and also allows you to build yourself an ever-growing marketing budget.

This one is called the funded proposal. It is a powerful way to ensure you stay in business long enough to grow you business to the next level.

When looking for the right lead generation tool, it is important to remember who you want to attract. Get specific, really specific, then offer them what they want and need.

Remember, if you want to find single stay at home mums with ADHD kids, a how-to-dig-holes guide won’t do the trick.

But a 10-inexpensive-ways-to-calm-your-kids guide would work well.

Most MLM lead generation tools are simple information products that you can create easily and inexpensively. However if you are just getting started with internet network marketing, you might want to use someone else’s product, for which you will be paid a commission.

This is a very respectable alternative and a great way to find your feet.

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