How Do I Build a Blog For My Business? Proven Business Blogging Tips That Work

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In this article we are going to take a quick look at how you can build a blog for YOUR business in rapid fire turn around time. I’m going to list the steps, one by one, EXACTLY as I do it – and how I teach my clients to do them as well. It’s quite easy, reasonably effortless, and to be perfectly honest, INCREDIBLY affordable to build a business blog these days, as I’m going to illuminate for you below! Read on..:-)

Step 1: Register Your Domain Name. I use Godaddy because they are so cheap, easy and often have deals when you are buying multiple products

Step 2: Choose your hosting Provider: Don’t worry about ANY of the specs if you are starting on shared plan. Customer service is key – and really, at this level, ALL that counts! (when you scale up to a dedicated server there are other considerations to make)

Step 3: Choose Your Blogging Platform: I recommend WordPress. It’s free, dead simple to install, and extendable in a multiplicity of powerful ways.

Step 4: Do Your Keyword Research: Very important. You have to know WHAT people are searching for in your market to gain traction and visibility. You MUST start here if you want to leapfrog the learning curve and high step some of the land mines that MOST new business blogs face.

Step 5: Offer a White Paper in Your Industry: Absolutely a must. You have to have SOMETHING branded to you, that establishes your expertise, and that has shelf life. (i.e. – blog posts don’t..:-)

Step 6: Create an Opt-In Form to capture names for Your White Paper: Building a list is the bedrock of business blog building, and giving something of value, in return for a name is the easiest way to do it!

Step 7: Relationship Build. Polls, link bait, Comments on YOUR blog and others are a great way to get your message out to the masses. Far too much in this area to expound on here, but once you have the first 6 steps down, NOW it’s time to meet and greet some folks with your new business blog – which, dare I say, if you’ve done the first 6 steps right, is poised and primed for some quick success!

Have fun and simply rinse, wash and repeat these steps for ALL your domains..:-) ( and niches if you’re in more than one like us!).

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