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If you are reading this review chances are it is because either you are in HAVVN currently or you have heard about it and are doing some research to learn more about the company. Hopefully, this review will give you some insight into the company and how to succeed with them.

HAVVN launched in February 2011, but they are really a rebrand of a prior MLM company, Jus International. Rick Durham bought the company, moved it to Salt Lake City Utah from Boise Idaho, changed the name to HAVVN and added two new products right away with more to come in the future.

HAVVN has three products as of this review. Jus is the original product from the prior company and is still a strong seller for them. It is a superfood juice product similar to that of Mona Vie, Kyani and a few others that are out there. Testimonials out there on the web say it has amazing health benefits, but the company has been careful to push these as the product has not been tested with the FDA.

The HAVVN GO Stick is another product that comes in a powder form that you can add to water. It comes in a convenient stick that you can take with you wherever you go. The GO stands for Gene Optimized as it is believed the product reverses the gene damage done over the years and helps to actually repair the DNA cells in your body. It is all natural with a minimum amount of sugar and caffeine.

The final product is called HAVVN DNA. This is HAVVN’s flagship product and is an all-natural, 100% toxic free, anti-aging lotion. Pictures on their website show modest improvement in wrinkles in just two weeks with very noticeable improvement in 100% of all users in four weeks. It is reported that this is the only product of its kind that is 100% chemical free.

The opportunity with HAVVN appears to be good as of right now as it is a newer company that has just expanded to the Netherlands and Japan. They are growing in the US as well, but are still a small company with sales just over $12 million. The upside to this is that there is an outstanding opportunity to be in on the ground floor if the company makes it big. That is IF the company makes it since there are lots of start ups that don’t.

However, HAVVN is led by a strong management team, starting with Chairman and CEO, Rick Durham. Rick has helped two other companies grow to over a billion dollars in sales and his goal is to do the same with HAVVN. He has invested a large amount of money in products and infrastructure within the company and has the ability to make this company a success.

Like most MLM companies, HAVVN’s big drawback is their marketing formula. Soliciting friends and family is okay, but often times new reps burn out quickly when all they are asked to do is create a list of their friends and family and approach them about the company. New HAVVN reps need to build a skill set to allow them to learn how to build their business correctly and put in a duplicatable system. It is also important to remember that while a system will help the new enrollee duplicate the business, it is still people that duplicate, not the system. My Lead System Pro is the way I have chosen to learn the skills necessary to make my business successful. If your desire is to do the same, then I would highly suggest learning more about their excellent training available to help you grow your HAVVN business or any other business for that matter.

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