Hacker's attempt to dissolve poison in water by hacking the water treatment plant!

Hacker’s attempt to dissolve poison in water by hacking the water treatment plant!

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US media reported that a hacker had breached a water treatment plant in the San Francisco Bay Area in January and removed programs designed to treat water. A hacker broke it on January 15 in the latest cyberattack on a US facility. In which he used the username and password of a former employee to log into the system and change the settings. The security breach was discovered the next day, and the California facility changed protocols and re-installed the programs.

nbc is told That the hacker, whose name and motive are not yet known, tried to “poison” the waters of an area close to Silicon Valley. The region is a global center for high technology and software innovation. It cited a private report prepared by the Regional Intelligence Center in February. The report did not identify the facility.

The center’s executive director Michael Cena confirmed the hacking. But they differed on the claim of an attempt to poison the facility. San Francisco Chronicle “No one tried to poison any of our waters. This is not right,” he told Ko.

The hacker allegedly used the former employee’s Teamviewer account details to gain access to the water treatment plant’s systems. TeamViewer allows one person to remotely access another person’s computer and other gadgets. The program has gained immense popularity and is widely used by employees working from home during the pandemic.

In February, a hacker tried to take control of another water treatment facility in Florida. In that incident also the hacker had access to the Teamviewer account associated with the facility. He managed to raise the level of lye, a mixture of sodium or potassium hydroxide, in drinking water to toxic levels. An employee automatically captured the mouse cursor of a moving computer and prevented a major disaster from happening. Local officials said the hacker had access to the system for about 4 or 5 minutes.

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