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Choosing a website designer to build your business website can be a very difficult decision to make. Is it the right company? are they going to listen to you? Are they going to advise you? Will they understand what you want from a website? Are they actually capable of building the website for your business?


I wasted thousands trying to get a decent website designer to build my business website, it was a nightmare, and I nearly gave up.


Anyone can build a website! The software is out there now, technology has caught up so it is getting increasingly easy to build your own site.


However, to get a business website up and running and earning you money takes a lot more effort and should only be undertaken by a website designer who not only specialises in websites for business but also understands marketing, sales and Internet marketing.


A lot of skills need to come together to produce a business website that does the following:


Attracts a never ending stream of potential customers

Converts your visitors into leads

Continually communicates with your visitors until they become customers

Helps you grow your profits


If your business website does not do all of the above you are losing money, once set up correctly a professional business website will generate leads for you and help you convert those leads into customers forever.


Do your homework, choose a website designer that understands marketing, sales and Internet marketing and your website will earn you money for years to come.


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