Google started this way to hide photos, hide private photos

Google started this way to hide photos, hide private photos

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New Delhi. Technology company Google announced a slew of new features for Google Photos during its Google I/O conference last month. Under this, the company has introduced the Locked Folder feature for Google Photos, which will allow users to hide their sensitive photos or videos in a passcode or fingerprint-protected folder.

Photos or videos saved in locked folders will not appear in Photo Grid, Search, Albums and Memory. They won’t even show up in third party apps. However, hidden photos cannot be backed up to the cloud. If any photos/videos have already been backed up, Google will delete them from the cloud and they will only exist locally in the folder.

can use like this

To use the feature, users can start using this newly locked folder by going to Library > Utilities > Locked Folder. Once users set it up, they can start adding their existing photos or videos to their library.

You can also set up the Google Camera app

Users can also set the Google Camera app to save new photos or videos directly to a locked folder. To use this feature, users have to open the camera app. Tap on the gallery icon in the top right corner and select ‘Locked Folder’ from the list.

For now, this feature will be available only on Google Pixel smartphones.

The feature is being rolled out only for Google Pixel smartphones, including the Google Pixel 3 series, Pixel 4 series, and Pixel 5. However, this feature remains exclusive to Pixel smartphones for now. The company says that it will be rolling out Locked Folders to other Android devices and everyone will be able to use it this year.


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