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Google may also bring a feature similar to Apple’s Find My Network for Android users!

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New Delhi. If you are an Android user, then probably in the coming days you will get something like Find My Network, an important feature of Apple. To compete with Apple, Google is planning to offer a feature similar to Find My to its Android users. iPhone maker Apple expanded its ‘Find My’ network with the launch of its Airtags product earlier this year. Airtags are trackers that can be attached to keys and other devices and then tracked from another Apple device. According to a report by XDA Developers, Google may try to take advantage of its Play Services app to create such a system.

Network as big as an Apple device
The publisher found a similar code in the latest update to the Play Services app, pointing to the same thing. The Play Services app is built into every smartphone with the official Google licensed version of Android. It covers almost all Android phones and is probably as large as Apple’s device network. Of course, code breakdowns in an app cannot be taken as official developments, but such reports have often been found to be true.

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Google may make Airtag like Apple
Android Device Manager allows users to remotely track their smartphone and delete their data when needed, and much more. With Apple’s Find My Network, the company is planning to make devices like AirTag. Between Android phones, tablets, smartwatches, and smart TVs, Google had the Play Services app on enough devices to create a large and worldwide network. The company could also make it a built-in part of Android, which would allow third parties to take advantage of Google’s software to build devices like AirTag. South Korean smartphone maker, Samsung, already sells its own versions of these, but having the software built into Android will allow even smaller OEMs to build such devices.


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