Google Map misguided, had to go to Udaipur to reach a mud-filled field!

Google Map misguided, had to go to Udaipur to reach a mud-filled field!

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New Delhi. Many people around the world use and rely on Google Maps to reach a place. It has been observed that usually in urban areas the map reaches the exact location, but if it is about rural areas or roads that are not so popular. This leaves the rider in the middle. In a recent incident, a group of tourists going to Udaipur in Rajasthan got stuck on their way to a mud-filled village after being misled by Google Maps.

According to a report published in Kartok, tourists from Germany and Uttarakhand were traveling in the Grand i10, which got stuck in the mud due to lack of single lane development. The incident is from a village in Menar, Rajasthan. The group was on the Navaniya highway when the app showed them an alternate route. As expected, the group chose an alternate route but where it ended up was muddy. The report mentioned that initially the road was quite fine, but it got worse as they progressed.

The tractor also got stuck badly on that road.
The road was so rough that the car was slipping because the tires were not getting friction. Eventually the bus got stuck in the muddy area of ​​the one-lane road. The condition of the road on which they were stuck was so bad that even the local people of the area did not use it during the rainy season. Even a vehicle as big as a tractor formerly got stuck on that road. After the car got stuck, the tourists called their friends who came to the rescue with tractors and ropes.

The car came out after 6 hours of hard work
The area where they were stranded was so deserted that passengers had to cover a distance of two kilometers to take the tractor to the spot. His car got stuck in the mud at around 1 pm and could be pulled out only by 6 pm. It took about two hours for the tractor to rescue the car.


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