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Google itself will warn if the search result is not reliable, new feature is coming

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New Delhi. Any talk or news on social media becomes viral very quickly. People also trust, share or forward it without knowing its truth. There are many such news and things which are not completely true. Keeping this in mind, Google will now warn about the news or information that users are searching on Google. Mountain View, Calif.-based tech giant Google is working on a move in which it will warn users about any content that isn’t trusted or is being updated frequently. The new feature will include a warning from Google if a search is found to be unreliable, saying that these results appear to be changing rapidly, “and a subtitle that states” if it fails to link results to trusted sources. Sometimes it can take some time if the topic is new. Google announced the new update in a blog post, saying users will want to look back later when the search engine gets more results. According to Google, it will initially appear on US-based English results.

The warning will come only in this situation

Google said that this message about any facts will only appear if a topic is developing rapidly and has not been confirmed by multiple sources. Soon this tool will be rolled out in other places as well. Google said in a blog post, “Google Search will always be the one with the most useful results we can provide, sometimes the credible information you’re looking for just isn’t online right now. This is especially true, The company said. This may be in the case of breaking news or emerging topics, when previously published information is not the most reliable.

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Fake news will be reduced with this tool

Google also showed a model screenshot of Google Search with the new feature. In the screenshot, a search query “UFO filmed traveling at 106mph is shown. This comes in the form of a fix for Google showing false information during breaking news or emerging scenarios. Now, the new warning is wrong.” Or prevent false information from appearing on Google, it can help to remove some of the false legitimacy that can make high Google rankings an initial and unreliable source.


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