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GB WhatsApp Update: Use GB WhatsApp with many fun features, know everything about it

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New Delhi. Nowadays, many people use WhatsApp to share videos, photos, audios and more. New versions of WhatsApp are being introduced daily for the convenience of the users. GB WhatsApp version is becoming very popular these days. It is being circulated as a new update for WhatsApp. But let us know that this is not a new version of WhatsApp. This is a completely different app, which should be taken care of while using it. If you want to use WhatsApp with some additional features, GBWhatsApp is available to download and install on your device.

this is the best mod version
GB WhatsApp Download (GB WhatsApp Download) is the best modern version of WhatsApp (GB WhatsApp latest version), developed by a third party, easily found on the internet, as is every other apk. GBWA is famous in the WhatsApp community for being multi-account-friendly, but that’s not the only advantage. Let’s know about its great features…

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Features of GB WhatsApp-
1. Auto Reply: Firstly, you can also use the auto-reply feature when you want to reply to any of your friends at any time.
2. DND: If you are using any other app on your Android phone and don’t want to bother with WhatsApp messages then you can use DND feature to disable internet connection for GB WhatsApp only.
3. Filter messages: GB WhatsApp is built with the Filter Message feature which provides the user with the option to clear the chats which can also filter your messages.
4. Anti-Revoke Message: Comes with Anti-Revoke Message feature.
5. Share Live Location: Also, user can share his live location with friends using GB WhatsApp 2021.
6. Cancel Multiple Messages: You can cancel multiple messages at once.
7. Send maximum pictures: Additionally, you can send more than 90 pictures at a time as compared to the official WhatsApp. In addition, you can send one 50 MB video clip and one 100 MB audio clip to your contact.
8. Download Status: Another great feature of this app is that you can download status images and videos uploaded by other contacts.
9. Amazing Fonts: Are you tired of old fonts? Then with this feature you can choose the font of your choice. Customize your favorite font with this feature.
10. Mark unread messages: With notifications, you can mark messages as read.
11. Hide your status: Voice recording status can be hidden.
12. Best Image Quality: With GB WhatsApp, you can send high resolution pictures.
13. Language: Another cool feature, with the help of this language feature, you can select the language that is lost by default.
14. Notification: This application allows you to receive a notification when someone from your contact list changes their profile picture.

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How to download GB WhatsApp (How to download GBWhatsApp)
Most of the android app is available in google play store but this app is developed by third party manufacturer so you can download this app from third party website.
Few easy steps to download…..
Go to your phone’s Settings – Go to your phone’s settings and click on Security in Settings.
Unknown sources – Here you have to enable the Unknown sources option.
Download APK File – After enabling Unknown sources, install the application on your phone.
Open the Application – Now open the app and enter your mobile number.
Verify your phone number – After entering the phone number, it will automatically verify your phone number via OTP.


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