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There is more than one free online MLM marketing strategy to use to build your MLM business. The internet has made it possible to put you in contact with millions of online users that are looking to get into an MLM business so you should use strategies to capitalize on capturing them.

Here is a list of some of the free proven internet marketing strategies that many of the top MLM producers are using to build their businesses: free online classified advertising, using social markets such as Twitter, MySpace and Facebook, creating blogs, using viral marketing, forum marketing, forum signatures, video marketing, writing articles, Skype, Squidoo, car magnets and many more.

To build up your MLM business you need to get your name out on the net as an expert and start generating traffic to your site. There are millions of other sites that you will be competing with so to get traffic you need to be using several of these methods to stand out from the rest of those sites. Traffic to your site is essential if you want to be successful.

These methods have a small learning curve, but once they are used on a massive scale the traffic will start building up day after day. These techniques can be duplicated so they would be great to teach your down line to ensure their success. In most MLM companies you will be receiving an over ride compensation for the sales your down line team achieves so it is very important to get you team members producing sales.

These methods are especially useful for the person who wants to build a business, but has limited or no extra money to invest in their business. Being a mentor that can offer these methods to your down line can significantly increase the possibility that these new members will be successful. This is very important when we see the failure rate of new members in MLM businesses near 97 percent.

Use the free methods listed above and you can be counted among the three percent of successful business owners and build the MLM business of your dreams.

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