Former US President Donald Trump aide launches new social media platform called GETTR: Know details

Former US President Donald Trump aide launches new social media platform called GETTR: Know details

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New Delhi. Former US President Donald Trump aide Jason Miller recently launched a new platform called GETTR. Miller describes the platform as a ‘non-partisan social network’, and offers it as an alternative to Big Tech sites. GETTR is available to download for free on Play Store and Apple App Store, the good thing is that this app can also be accessed through a browser. It is rated as ‘M’ for using the App Store, which means that only users 17 years of age and older should use it. The app is very similar to Twitter, borrowing many aspects of the GETTR microblogging site. Politico recently reported that Miller had stepped down as Trump’s spokesman to launch GETTR. In its mission statement, GETTR stated that it aims to “promote common sense, protect free speech, challenge social media monopolies, and create a true marketplace of ideas.”

GETTR comes at a time when GOP officials in some red states are pushing for new laws to restrict voting rights after Democratic President Joe Biden garnered more than 80 million votes in a record election. In recent news, several conservative pundits and Republican lawmakers called for US Olympian Gwen Berry to be removed from the US national team after she exercised her right to freedom of expression and turned her back on the American flag when the national anthem was played. .

Trump’s app closed in a month

GETTR follows a failed attempt by former US President Donald Trump to launch his own platform. “From Donald Trump’s Desk” was reportedly closed due to low traffic and less than a month with its launch. GETTR also follows the launch of Parler, a conservative social media platform that was pulled down by domain provider, Amazon Web Services, causing it to be temporarily offline. Additionally, Apple and Google also removed the Parler app from their respective stores in the wake of the January 6 riots. As the platform became a center of right-wing extremism and QAnon conspirators.

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Trump is still preparing to bring something different

As of yet, it’s unclear whether Trump will join the podium, but Bloomberg’s Jennifer Jacobs reports that the former president will not be involved in Miller’s new venture and may still be planning a different podium. When Facebook and Twitter removed the former president from their platforms for inciting riots at the Capitol on January 6, Trump was removed from the public eye. While Trump’s ban on Twitter is permanent, Facebook could lift its ban on the former president in 2023. It’s worth noting that while free speech protections in the US do not apply to private companies, antitrust laws are the only way to challenge social media monopolies. America, some GOP and Democratic lawmakers have no interest in pursuing. Over the years, large tech monopolies have been grilled by the US Congress and Senate, but little has come out of these hearings.


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