Facebook action on suspicious accounts!  5381 accounts deleted in June

Facebook action on suspicious accounts! 5381 accounts deleted in June

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New Delhi. Under new IT rules in India, Facebook recently removed over 30 million posts falling in 10 infringement categories from May 15 to June 15 in the country. At the same time, Facebook has suspended 5,381 malicious accounts, groups and pages from its main network and Instagram, taking global action, according to news quoted by news agency IANS. The social media platform had removed eight networks in seven countries. Most of these campaigns targeted people from their own countries. According to sources, around 2,784 Facebook accounts, 206 Instagram accounts, 2,249 pages and 142 groups were removed in the month of June.

So many accounts suspended in Iraq and Iran
Facebook in Iraq and Iran suspended 675 Facebook accounts, 16 Pages and 10 Instagram accounts that allegedly targeted people in Iraq and linked Al-Maref Radio in Iraq and Alborz Analysis & Development, an IT firm in Tehran Had happened. Commenting on this, Facebook said, ‘We found in our internal investigation that such activities were against our policy.

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Also of people associated with political strategy in Mexico
In Mexico, Facebook removed 1,621 Facebook accounts, 1,795 Pages, 75 groups, and 93 Instagram accounts focused on the state of Campeche and associated with people in that state. This included individuals working for Worgcorp, a political strategy and public relations firm in Mexico.

Facebook is taking action on such accounts
Facebook said, “We found this activity as part of our internal investigation into suspected coordinated unauthorized behavior in the region and removed it ahead of the Mexican elections. Contains groups and pages that seek to mislead people by relying on fake accounts.” Let’s try who they are and what they are doing, then we can directly remove unauthorized and authentic accounts, delete both page and group.


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