Designing Brand Identity – 5 Ways You Can Make Yours Stand Out!

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Designing brand identity. How do you go about it and how do you make yours stand out?

And what’s more, why should you care?

As a matter of fact, your brand MUST stand out or you will be lost in the crowd!

So how do you that and where do you start?

1) Make sure your branding is based on thorough analysis.

I see this mistake over and over again. A logo is chosen to represent a brand that has nothing to do with the company. It just looked good. Or perhaps it was cheap or just designed arbitrarily.

To make your logo and brand truly stand out, you need to do some research up front. This takes thorough analysis. You need to know what makes you unique from your competition, what your vision is for your company and brand, who your target market is and much, much more.

2) Make sure your brand image communicates a specific message.

After you have done thorough analysis, you need to synthesize what you want to communicate in one sentence. What is it that you want your audience to “get?” Will they understand your message in ten seconds or less? If not, you will not get the attention you need!

For instance, awhile back I designed a logo for my husband’s new business that he is building. I had it imprinted onto a sweatshirt and one day he was wearing it in public. A person unfamiliar with Travis and his company looked at the logo and said, “Oh, you do… “

This is what you want your prospects to understand immediately. Exactly why your company exists and what you can do for them.

3) Make sure your brand is authentic.

You need to present yourself as an original. After all, there is only one of you! Like a snowflake, we are all unique individuals. Your brand needs to reflect this.

When the perception of your target market equals reality, then you will have an effective brand. Think through this exercise: what are the five words that I want my target market to perceive me as? Now be that perception and reflect it accurately in your brand image.

4) Use an appealing mix of fonts, color, and graphics.

You need to approach your brand image with a design concept. Don’t just use Helvetica for the fonts for your business name! Make it different with the use of typography.

And remember that color sells. Use it to your advantage. Graphics will make the appealing difference that can make your logo image stand out!

But be careful. Remember that logo images are above all symbolic. It’s easy to get carried away (don’t I know it!), but above all you want your logo image to be readable and recognizable.

5) Be consistent on all mediums.

From the moment your prospect sees your business card, signage, catalog, website, or however they encounter your brand, you need to guide them through an experience that builds trust and credibility. For instance, when you give them a business card, it should stand out with your unique brand image, which should lead them to your website with the same brand image, which should lead them to the next step, and on and on.

You want them to feel comfortable with you, create name recognition, and build an unconscious awareness that indeed they are doing business with a person they like, know, and trust.

So there you have it. Five ways you can make your brand stand out. When you follow these steps, you will have a brand that sizzles and a future that dazzles!

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