CRM for Media and Advertising Industry by Dquip

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Businesses in the Media & Advertising Industry our CRM is applicable for

Advertising Agencies

Directory & Listing Companies

Event Management Companies

Magazine Publication Companies

Marketing Agencies

Media & Advertising Companies

Newspaper Publication Companies

Outdoor Advertising Companies

Print Media Advertising Companies

Other businesses in the Media & Advertising industry

How our Media & Advertising CRM can help you?

Dquip media CRM features:-

Approximate Return on Investment from a Media & Advertising CRM

Decrease sales cycle time up to 22%

Improve client retention up to 37%

Magnify lead conversion rates

Lessen sales & marketing costs

Revenue growth per sales person

Increase sales efficiency

Important Modules of Dquip Media & Advertising CRM

Sales Target Module

Set, track and monitor sales targets for your business and sales representatives individually.

Monitor your financial upscaling with dquip media CRM features.

Know & manage the sales performance of your company and sales troops.

Things that you can do in sales target module

You can set sales targets revenue-wise for any desired duration by filling in the current form fields.

You can set sales person wise targets for any time frame.

You can view the targets achieved & pending with the exact number of days left for tenure completion.

You can edit & delete a respective sales target in the Revenue-wise Sales Target & Sales Person Wise Sales Target modules.

Lead Module

Add numerous leads in dquip media and advertising CRM.

Stay updated about the lead status, follow-up feedbacks and prioritize leads for more deal closures.

Club and allocate leads as per your desire.

Things that you can do in lead module

You can add the basic details of the lead as per current form fields given.

You can add the source of the lead & the product / service the lead has enquired for.

You can assign leads manually or automatically.

You can categorize leads and add tags.

You can prioritize leads and also add remarks.

You can directly insert leads from your website into the CRM and auto allocate leads to respective sales people in a round-robin way.

You can have customized tags according to leads.

You can have customized stages and priorities.

You can allocate leads to sales people product / service wise.

You can view leads allocated to sales people product / service wise.

Follow-up Module

Do sales follow-ups from a single dashboard via calls, emails, sms and meetings.

Streamline follow-up calls, emails, sms and meetings with prospective customers.

Set reminders for follow-ups, calls and meetings using dquip media and advertising CRM.

Product / Service Module

Add & manage numerous products / services.

Mention their specifications, attach documents & specify added charges.

Watch their real time sales.

Quotation Module

Prepare and send multiple quotations.

View the quotation status, closing dates & store versions.

Share quotations among other CRM users in your company.

Client Module

Comprise all your clients’ contact details.

Assign, categorize, and communicate seamlessly with your clients via calls, emails and SMS.

Calendar Module

Have a task calendar.

Demarcate prime dates relevant to your business, staff, leads & clients.

Contacts Module

Store, modify and delete contact details of clients.

Save important dates regarding products and services purchased.

Set reminders for payments, etc.

13 Key Features of DQuip Media & Advertising CRM

Grow Media & Advertising business with Dquip CRM Software

Centralized data storage for customers, sales and leads

Forecast sales weekly, monthly, quarterly, biyearly, yearly

Track and capture leads: online and off-line

Streamline sales follow-up processes

Monitor sales person-wise targets

Allocate leads to sales teams

Close leads faster

Create quotations and get quicker approvals

Increase customer loyalty through constant communication via phone, email and SMS.

Make sales people more productive

Identify greater sales opportunities

Multi-device access on Desktop, Tablet & Phone

Dashboards and reports for a panoramic business view

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