Construction Business Owner Finds Success on the Internet

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When the economy turned sour and the once lucrative real estate business no longer provided the income a family needed to survive, this airplane flying construction business owner found an internet based business that not only pays the bills, but is helping him reach his goal to fire his boss, the GOVERNMENT, and change professions permanently. He now enjoys working on his own timetable from the comfort of his own home and no longer has to worry about any negative effects from a poor economy. In fact, his business could not be better.

Wayne O’Farrell and his wife, Gretchen, live in Fouke, Arkansas. Although their three children have grown up and left home, they remain close to them and enjoy spending time with their three grandchildren. Wayne and Gretchen started their company, Quality Construction and Masonry, nearly 33 years ago. They built residential homes using brick, block and stone. When the bottom fell out of the housing industry and the economy worsened, Wayne’s business took a turn for the worse.

Wayne started searching the internet, looking for a way to earn additional income. His 33 year old business could no longer provide all of the money he and Gretchen needed to maintain their way of living. During his three year search, Wayne found out that there were a lot of internet based businesses. He also found out that a lot of them just took him money and did not deliver on their promises of training, support and prosperity.

Just when Wayne was about to give up on his dream of being an internet entrepreneur, Wayne found a company that offered the training and support he was looking for. He decided to invest in the company, not realizing at the time what a wonderful return he would get for his investment. The people he came into contact with were very caring and concerned for his financial well-being. The training and support provided helped him to succeed. He thanks God for allowing him to find such a great group of people.

Wayne’s new home-based business allows him the time to enjoy his hobbies; flying airplanes, bowling, and trout fishing. Wayne’s favorite hobby is flying airplanes. He has been flying airplanes since he was a teenager. Wayne flew solo for the first time when he was sixteen years old! Wayne plans to use some of the money he earns with his new business to purchase another airplane so that he can operate an Angel Flight for those who need transportation to other hospitals, but cannot afford the cost of flying.

Can a construction business owner find success in internet marketing??? You betcha! Wayne invites you to follow him and his new career on Facebook, MySpace, Betternetworker, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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