Common SEO Terms Used By SEO Gurus

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When you are talking to a SEO consultant from a SEO company, does he or she leaves you scratching your head with those jargons, wondering what the consultant is talking about? Do not worry; you are not the only one who does not understand. When it comes to SEO, there are a lot of different terms and jargons that will drive a layman crazy. You will need a certain degree of understand in the optimization industry in order to fully understand all the terms used by them.

Now, let us discuss some of the most common SEO terms used by optimization consultants:

1. Algorithm. This is the formula behind major search engines that used to determine the ranking of a website.

2. Clustering. This is when the search engine lists more than 2 pages for a single search query

3. CPC. Cost per Click.

4. CPM. Cost per 1000 impression. This means the cost to send 1000 visitors to your website through banner.

5. Hit. One single request made to your web server.

6. IBL. Inbound link. An incoming link from the other website, pointing back to your website.

7. Keyword Research. This is a process to research your keywords so as to optimize your website. Usually, a website core set of keywords is determined during this process.

8. Keyword Density. The number of times a particular keyword is being repeated on a page, compared to the number of words on a page.

9. OSEO. Organic search engine optimization. To build a website to rank well on the left hand side of the search engine result page, without spending large amount of money.

10. Outbound link. An outgoing link from your web page to another site.

11. Page views. The number of times the pages of your website are viewed.

12. PPC. Pay per Click. Paying the search engine for every visitor that it sends to your website. One visitor equals to one click.

13. PR. Google Page Rank, how Google rates your web page from 1 to 10. Aim to get 3, 4 or 5 and you are doing well.

14. SE. Search engine.

15. SEM. Search engine marketing. To use search engines to market your product or services. This will include search engine optimization, search engine pay-per-click programs, and banner advertising.

16. SEO. Search Engine Optimization. Creating search engine friendly page content to help your page to achieve a high ranking.

17. SERP. Search Engine Results Page.

18. Stemming. If you search for “painting” in a search engine that uses stemming technology the results will also include results for the words paint, paints and painter.

These are just some of the common terms being used when it comes to SEO. So now at least when you are talking to a consultant, you will understand most of his or her jargons.

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