Can You Find The Way To Happiness Inside Yourself?

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If you are looking for the way to happiness in others or in things, you are off track. You can find the way to happiness inside your own life. When you find your joy and happiness inside yourself it lasts much longer and provides much more in moments of difficulty and strife.

Why is the way of happiness not in things?

Money may help you buy things, but money can not buy everything. Things become old. The new tech toy you must have today will not be worth much in three years. Things lose interest. Look at the kitchen gadgets you had to have and said you would use regularly. Now they sit in a cabinet and may get used once a year. Styles change, meaning clothes and shoes become outdated. Happiness because of things fades.

What about others?

You should find happiness with others. If you look for a significant other with the hopes of finding happiness you will be hurt and disappointed. People are social, but they are independent as well. This means eventually your children will become independent. Your friends will have other things to do. This is natural because it is life, but if your happiness is defined by them then you will get hurt when they have other things to do.

Where can I find happiness then?

When you start looking for happiness inside yourself you will start finding gems. The odd part of being happy in being you, is that it grows. It becomes easier to be happy. You will find more happiness in the moment. Eventually you may even become contagious in your happiness.

Are you happy now?

The best time to look for happiness is by looking around you. Almost every moment in time there is something that can make you happy, if you look. Some would argue every moment, no matter how bad, has a joy if you stop to see.

How can something bad be good?

A traffic jam may not seem like fun, but it is a great time to listen to audiobooks or self-improvement tracks. The car wreck you were in, if you can complain, that means you are still alive. While the refrigerator breaking down may be upsetting, you can enjoy the new refrigerator.

Can you find happiness inside yourself?

Many people have trouble looking at all the good they bring into the world. When you see your own power and how you help others and where you have skills and talents you should feel proud. You should be happy at what you can do and how you can help others and yourself.

Why is the way to happiness inside?

Finding happiness inside yourself means when life gets rough you know you can look inside yourself to find joy. When things seem bad, you can look around and acknowledge and accept that you have more than others and can be happy with those. And you can also be happy when times are good, because you are striving for a better and happier tomorrow. When you seek more joy and happiness you have even more joy and happiness to share!

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