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Bulk SMS gateway simply refers to the facility that enables the process of sending numerous text messages from a number of sources to mobile phones of numerous subscribers. This facility is being provided by a mobile marketing agency that conducts a service called bulk SMS. What makes the facility interesting is its versatility-the agency can utilize the gateway to recognize media platforms like websites, applications, email servers, and other programs so that these platforms can send bulk SMS messages automatically to their target recipients.

There is no doubt that the mobile phone’s short messaging service feature or SMS is the core medium of the mobile marketing industry. It is the most efficient way for brands to get in touch with their target demographic easily and cheaply. Sending text messages is the most affordable method to conduct marketing strategies in the mobile arena. Companies need to send bulk SMS to introduce new products and services and reach out to their customers. For instance, gym clubs gain customer loyalty by making it a point to greet their clients during their birthdays and on special occasions. Utility companies remind customers about payment reminders and thank them after making a payment.

Mobile information companies and media outlets rely on bulk SMS gateway to conduct their business. News channels, for instance, offer pay-per-text message in exchange of alerts like breaking news and weather. These alerts vary in categories, from fashion to sport to Hollywood and so on. Aside from enabling the transmission of alerts, bulk SMS gateway is also capable of facilitating sale of mobile products like logos, ring tones, ring backs, and wall papers. It is also the facility responsible for the countless text-oriented voting polls occurring in numerous talent TV reality series.

Bulk text messaging has also benefited the financial industry through its personalized client alerts and reminders. Banks, credit card companies, credit unions, and other financial organizations make sure that their clients can perform transactions using their phones’ SMS feature. Clients, with just a simple text message, can make wireless and mobile payment to other institutions, transfer funds from one account to another, and confirm or back track the clients’ banking activities. In fact this bulk transmission of SMS to bank clients significantly lowered the incidents of fraud in financial organizations and decreased the cases of identity theft.

There is no doubt the sending bulk SMS messages is cheaper than making voice calls and far more efficient than sending out email. Most subscription-based companies make it a point to include SMS feature in their list of services with customers. Within organizations, sending SMS has also put an order through which employees or members can get immediate reminders without having to open their email accounts.

If you’re a small business owner who wants to delve in mobile marketing practices, one of the most accessible options that you have is to invest in, bulk SMS gateway campaign. Its nature is cheap and its premise is efficient. It can communicate with thousands of recipients at one command and receive thousands of feedbacks from the same recipients almost immediately.

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