Big statement of IT industry veteran TV Mohandas Pai, Twitter should be punished for non-compliance

Big statement of IT industry veteran TV Mohandas Pai, Twitter should be punished for non-compliance

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TV Mohandas Pai has demanded the government to punish for not following the rules on Twitter.

Belguru. IT industry veteran TV Mohandas Pai on Wednesday demanded the government to penalize micro-blogging platform Twitter for not following intermediary guidelines. He also alleged that Twitter is not ideologically fair.

Pai, who was Infosys’ chief financial officer, said the government should penalize Twitter for non-compliance with IT regulations by invoking legal regulations and that the government does not require a “request for compliance”.

Sovereignty and laws of India are more important than any MNC

Pai said, “Almost all companies have complied and Twitter or any other company is not special. India’s sovereignty and laws are more important than any multinational company. It gave Twitter a lot of time to comply with the rules,” Pai said. Gaya and the company have become biased and this is not a proper platform.Also read- First FIR registered against Twitter in UP as soon as legal protection ends, know what are the allegations

India should not fall prey to the monopolies of global technology companies

Pai said the government should ensure that India is not monopolized by global technology companies by promoting competition and introducing appropriate rules to protect customers.

Indian companies comply with the laws of other countries

Pai said, “When Indian companies operate around the world, they follow the laws of those countries and there is no justification for India to be liberal with these multinationals that do not follow their laws. Under all are equal.”

Ravi Shankar Prasad said – Twitter failed to follow the rules

Significantly, the legal protection given to Twitter in India has now ended. IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad clarified the government’s stand on this matter by tweeting one after the other. Prasad said, ‘Many questions are being raised whether Twitter is entitled to legal protection in India? The simple fact of the matter is that Twitter has failed to comply with the new IT laws that came into force from May 26.

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