Big Ideas, Small Cards: Alternative Uses for Business Cards

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Business cards act as a marketing tool for business. It is very important for business owners to distribute the cards wherever they go. There are many uses of the cards as it helps in many ways to generate new leads and prospects. However, if you are a person who dislike to use cards there are many other alternatives available. These methods can be implemented on existing cards or individually.

· An alternative to cards is the frequent buyer card or the promotional offer cards. These are more similar to the buy 10 get one free offers. These types of cards have to be given out as soon as possible. The best time to hand out these cards are when there is a special discount program or special offers provided. All you need to do is print the card or coupon offering discounts and gifts. Distribute the cards to all the customers that walk in to your business place. Almost 99% of the customers will come back to know more about the offers.

· An alternative to the cards is short survey cards. These are simple short surveys on a card. Tell the customers to complete the survey and walk in to the store to gain discounts or gifts. The same survey can be printed on the backside of the business card.

· An alternative to the business cards are tags. These are tiny hangtags or nametags on it. You can even offer tickets to a movie or event along with it. Another option is to thank the customer for purchasing from the store. Even greetings may bring back the customer.

There are many other alternatives to the business cards. However, none of them can be as effective as the business cards. This is due to the creativity and the power to attract customer towards a business, which is possible with a business card and not with the alternatives.

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