Biden oil reserve release was 'single handedly responsible' for halting increase in gas prices, advisor says

Biden oil reserve release was ‘single handedly responsible’ for halting increase in gas prices, advisor says

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Biden administration officials are taking solace in recent declines in gasoline prices, which have fallen by an average of 21 cents per gallon over the past month, according to GasBuddy.

Brian Deese, President Biden’s National Economic Council director, said Thursday that while gas prices

remain “unacceptably high” U.S. consumers are “seeing some moderation and that moderation is important.”

“The release of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve sounds esoteric to people [but] oil market analysts…will say it was single-handedly responsible for keeping oil prices from going higher,” Desse added in an interview with Bloomberg News.

The Biden advisor also noted the president has been working with oil refiners “to try to keep refinery capacity online” and has pushed for a temporary gas-tax holiday that could further produce savings for consumers at the gas pump.

President Biden announced a plan in March to release roughly 1 million barrels of oil per day from the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve through October. About 5 million of the barrels released so far have been exported by American refiners abroad to places like Europe, according to a Tuesday report in Reuters.

The news has invited Republican criticism of the Biden administration, although it represents a small fraction of the total oil released from the reserve over the past several months.

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