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Recently, I received a question from a student asking me if I thought that selling or creating an audio information product about children health would be a good idea. And I do think children’s health issues would be a great subject for audio interviews. What could be more traumatizing for a parent than having a child who’s ill or sick? They desperately want a solution, they want answers. There are probably not a lot of answers, it depends on what kind of illness they have, but absolutely.

I couldn’t think of a more hungry market and it kind of sounds cruel from a marketing standpoint, but what could be more important than finding solutions for a child who’s sick? People want solutions to that and money certainly, in many cases, would not be an issue. So depending on what you’re trying to do, I think that would be a very hot market and something that could be very rewarding for you as well.

Another example, there’s a guy I see on TV out here in San Diego, he has a show, it’s actually a thirty minute infomercial, but when you watch it you would never know. It’s called The Wellness Hour and it’s a guy named Randy Alvarez. Now what he does is he interviews medical experts. He has a collection of interviews just like I do where they’re interviews on medical experts.

But you know how he monetizes this? I do want to say that he’s doing video production, but just imagine he was just doing audio interviews, and I’ve even thought of doing this because he does stuff on hair loss, so he’ll interview a couple of surgeons who do hair loss surgery.

He interviews surgeons for facelifts, for surgery with women who have problems that their veins, every kind of medical surgery. He’ll approach them, he’ll ask them if they would like to do an interview, he’ll produce a thirty minute show. He’ll charge them up to $10,000 just for the production of the show.

Now, once they have that show he’ll offer them advertising where they can buy thirty minute slots within a local media range to air that show to promote their high-end surgeries. He’s doing something that would be no different if you just changed it from video to audio, you could do the same thing. He’ll air a show and he may sell some cosmetic surgery that could make that surgeon $10-$20,000.

So it’s no different, though audio I will tell you is a lot easier. You need very little skill to do an interview with a medical expert on audio and it certainly can be done. So I would tell this gentleman who asked this question to go to The Wellness Hour, look at what he’s doing and just ask yourself, “Can I do something similar for the particular illness that I was thinking about?”

My kids are 9 and 6 now, but you just remember back when you have to go shopping for the crib for your baby, there’s nothing more important in the world than that crib and you’ll go to five different places to look for that perfect crib. Or when you look for a stroller for your kid, you really research the stroller market, it’s incredible and you want the best. And when you have a little baby there’s these things called the baby Bjorn where if you want to hold your baby close to your body you put this strap thing on and you put your baby and he sits in there.

Every little product for your baby is the most important thing in the world. And their health concerns and needs even more important!

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