Battleground Mobile India at risk of getting banned before launch, know the reason

Battlegrounds Mobile India is also sending user data to Chinese servers connected to Tencent! disclosed in the report

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New Delhi. A big news is coming out about Battleground Mobile India, the Indian avatar of PUBG Mobile. According to a report by IGN, the data of users of Battleground Mobile India is being sent to a server in China. Whereas PUBG Mobile was banned by the government in India for doing the same. The report states that Pathak reached out to IGN stating that the data sent and received by Battlegrounds Mobile India APK is from China Mobile Communications servers in Beijing.

The report also found that Battlegrounds Mobile India is sending data to Tencent-run Proxima Beta in Hong Kong as well as Microsoft Azure servers in the US, Mumbai and Moscow. It is known that PUBG Mobile broke ties with Tencent last year, removing PUBG Mobile from the post of publisher and banning it in India.

Log detected after game
The folks at IGN confirmed the claims by installing a data packet sniffer on their Android phones. The app tells which servers the device communicates with. Setting it up to log all the servers that Battlegrounds Mobile India would talk to was a complete game player. After the game, a quick search of one of the servers seen in the logs revealed that it was run by China Mobile Communications Corporation – a state-owned Chinese company. Whose server is located in Beijing, China.

IGN said that device data is being sent to this server. In addition, Battlegrounds Mobile India also pings a Tencent server in Beijing when booting up. News18 could not independently confirm the report. However, we’ve reached out to Crafton for feedback and will update this news as soon as we get an update from there.

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For which pubg was banned, then action was taken

This news of sending users’ data to China appears to be contrary to the company’s commitment to follow India’s rules. Following the ban on PUBG Mobile, Crafton wanted to work with the Indian government to comply with local laws.

Crafton even claimed to have broken ties with Tencent, removing the Chinese company as publisher of PUBG Mobile. Announcing Battlegrounds Mobile India, Crafton said, “The privacy and security of Indian player data is a top priority.

Politicians are already demanding a ban
Currently, politicians in India are already demanding a ban on Battleground Mobile India. Recently, the All India Traders Confederation also called for a ban on Battleground Mobile India, even though the game is yet to be finalised. Judging by the headlines on Battlegrounds Mobile India, one would think that Crafton would know better than to link to servers in China and, even more so, servers operated by Tencent, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.


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