Battleground Mobile India Available for Trial

Battleground Mobile India Available for Trial

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Battlegrounds Mobile India is finally available to play. Although not for everyone, but at the moment it has been made available in beta version to a limited number of people. The company has said in a statement that more slots will be opened for testing over time. Battlegrounds Mobile India was announced in the first week of May and was made available for pre-registration on May 18.

KRAFton via the official Facebook page of Battleground Mobile India share The game is believed to be an early access or open beta and fans can download and play it. However, it appears that the beta was only made available in limited numbers, as the program was visible in full on Google Play shortly after opening. beta test link Now either shows ‘Internal Server Error’ or a message is written in it that the testing program has reached the maximum number of testers.

In a press statement, Crafton has said that more beta testing slots will be opened over time. A Twitter user who got early access to Battlegrounds Mobile India took to Twitter. share screenshot Which shows that the size of the game will be 721MB. Several users also expressed their disappointment over not getting Early Access on Twitter.

MySmartPrice. Gameplay of Battlegrounds Mobile India by K Irshad Kalebullah also share video Have done. It shows some changes in the game. Now the game has green instead of red blood effect. Apart from this, some warnings have also been given in the game regarding safe gaming. Data transfer can be done from PUBG Mobile. OTP is not required to log in to Early Access. Apart from this, from the game’s map to the settings, the game is very similar to PUBG Mobile.

Leaks said that the game will launch on June 18, but with this open beta release a day before it is clear that the game will not launch on June 18. The release date hasn’t been confirmed by the developer at the moment, but the open beta opening today certainly suggests that the release may take a bit longer.


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