AutoX introduces new robotic taxi system, taxis will run on roads without a driver

AutoX introduces new robotic taxi system, taxis will run on roads without a driver

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AutoX, a robotics company backed by Chinese giant Alibaba, has reportedly introduced a new driverless system, an upgrade of existing systems, at an event in Shanghai. The company is calling this system AutoX Gen5 i.e. Generation 5. Obviously being a next generation system, it will involve a number of upgrades. Safety is the biggest issue for driverless driving systems and the company says the system is now safer than ever. The company had reportedly announced the start of test-runs for its driverless taxis in China in December 2020.

gizmochina’s report good According to reports, AutoX has announced a new system for its driverless vehicles at an event. The company’s CEO and founder, Jianxiong Xiao, has said that the new system is superior to the existing platform of its competitors and comes with more powerful hardware than before. It is specifically designed to safely deliver seamless navigation to China’s complex urban driving architecture. The report states that the AutoX Gen5 system is the first system to support fully driverless robo taxis on China’s public roads. Its production has reportedly started in the country.

Talking about its features, this system comes with a Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) equipped with 50 sensors and 2200 TOPS computing power. It is equipped with 28 cameras and comes with six hi-res LiDAR and 4D RADAR, which cover a full 360 degrees around the vehicle with 0.9-degree resolution. Thanks to these LiDAR and camera systems, the system ensures that there are no blind spots left for the vehicle. All these sensors combined with the system enable robo taxis to safely navigate China’s complex road system packed with traffic, the incident said.

Let us tell you that AutoX started business in 2016 and since then the company has been continuously developing on Robotaxi. The company does not only do business in China. Its R&D team is also spread outside China in various cities of the world.

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